ACVA Objectives

The primary objective of the American College of Vedic Astrology is to advance the study of Vedic sciences by providing a certification program; utilizing symposia, research and online education.

ACVA Objectives

1. Design and implement internationally recognized, high quality programs of instruction in Vedic astrology that are innovative yet complement traditional Vedic Astrology principles.

2. Provide a blend of independent study, distance learning, and residential training options oriented to ACVA certification programs for both professionals and students of Vedic Astrology.

3. Impart the knowledge of Vedic Astrology to improve the value, talent and skills of individuals as successful practitioners of Vedic Astrology.

4. Collaborate with other educational institutions having similar goals to provide students with the attitudes and skills necessary to function harmoniously with the diversity of teachings in the fields of astrology.

5. Develop a faculty that is proficient in teaching, scholarship, and inspiration.

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