Becoming a Tutor

How Do I Get Listed as an ACVA Approved Tutor?

  • Persons who have met the qualifications for becoming an ACVA Approved Tutor should email a request to the ACVA Registrar ( who will pass the request to the ACVA Curriculum Committee. If approved, your request will be posted within 4-6 weeks to the ACVA Tutors page on the American College of Vedic Astrology ™ (ACVA) website.
  • The request should include a recent 2”x2” digital picture, a 75 word bio, areas of Vedic astrology tutoring expertise, your tutoring fees per hour, and your contact information. You should also submit at least five endorsements from learners you have tutored in the past, along with their contact information for validation.
  • Upon successful review, approval, and confirmation of your request for listing by the ACVA Curriculum Committee, your information will be posted to the ACVA Tutors page on the ACVA website. It will be up to you to notify ACVA to refresh your data. Refreshes can take 4-6 weeks. Out of date information will be removed at the end of each year. Tutors might be removed without cause from the ACVA Tutors page as deemed appropriate by the ACVA Curriculum Committee.

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