The American College of Vedic Astrology is an educational and professional organization whose faculty and students are dedicated to the highest quality of Vedic astrology. They recognize that Vedic astrology is irrevocably linked with the Vedic, or yogic philosophy ,of India. Faculty and students understand the depth of their commitment to Vedic astrology as Sanatana Dharma, or eternal duty.

Obviously, some concepts need to be translated for modern times. For instance, “leading a religious life” does not signify belonging to or practicing only one form of religion. In the Hindu/Vedic tradition, “religious” refers more to a secular way of respecting the Divine presence in all peoples and in the environment. It also refers to one who has a genuine spiritual path and practice. In so doing, one has an inherent respect for all religions, bearing in mind that though spiritual paths may vary, they all have the same goal.

ACVA is dedicated to instilling the importance of Ethics in its students.

Learn more about ACVA in ‘Our Team’ here.

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