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Structure of the Courses

  • Each course within the Jyotisha Ratna™ and Jyotisha Prabhakara™ programs comes in the form of downloadable PDF files. The pages in each of the PDFs consists of illustrated course material.
  • For the most part, there are three classes within each course. These PDF files include chapters of learning materials and course syllabus for the course of study. Ten courses make up each of the Jyotisha Ratna™ and Jyotisha Prabhakara™ programs.
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) used is comprehensive, and allows the learner to navigate freely within each course.
  • In addition to learning material, the course work involves both recommended and required material in the form of written, audio, video presentations; written responses to assignments, and completion of a mini-test in learning checks; within each class. Instructors grade each assignment and guide the learners to better understanding through forum posts and responses.
  • As an ACVA learner, you interact online with an assigned instructor following the ACVA syllabus for your course of study.
  • With the guidance of your instructor, you may work at your own pace (within reason) through each of the courses, accelerate or slow down as you need, taking learning checks along the way. Upon completion of the program, you may opt to take the exam for certification.

Course Evaluation and Final Certification

ACVA Test Out

  • For more experienced Jyotishis, you may use the ACVA Test Out Study guides by which you can determine if you are ready to take the qualifying exam in order to be certified. When you are ready, you can make an appointment to take the final exam for certification.
  • Advanced learners may elect to forego the Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ and Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™ programs and go directly to the Final Comprehensive Exams for certification. Guide books are available at the ACVA Store.

Final Comprehensive Exam

  • Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ and Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™ learners must pass these exams for certification.