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Certified Vedic Astrology Designations

  • ACVA Certified Level One Jyotisha Ratna™ Vedic Astrologer
  • ACVA Certified Level Two Jyotisha Prabhakara™ Vedic Astrologer
  • ACVA Certificate “Introduction to Vedic Astrology”
  • ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach (VAC)
  • ACVA Certified Jyotish Online Instructor (JOI)

Course Materials
Each course comes in the form of 10 courses downloaded in a PDF file: chapters of learning materials and course syllabus for the course of study. There is a total of over 200 pages in each illustrated course manual.

Course Delivery Methods
As an ACVA learner, you have the choice of learning the Vedic astrology material delivered in these distinct ways:

Instructor-Led: Interact online with an instructor and fellow learners following the ACVA syllabus for your course of study.

Self-Paced: With the guidance of an instructor or tutor, work at your own pace through each of the courses, accelerate or slow down as you need, taking learning checks along the way.

Tutor-Led: Use the ACVA Test Out Study guides, along with an ACVA approved tutor of your choice to design a learning plan specific to your needs and schedule. When you are ready, you can make an appointment to take the final exam for certification. 

Face-to-Face: ACVA can schedule an approved tutor or instructor to present a  Vedic astrology course to give them a general understanding. Perfect for Ayurveda practitioners. 

Course Evaluation and Final Certification
Learning Checks: Each week of each course finishes with an evaluation of that week’s lessons.

ACVA Test Out: Advanced learners may elect to forego the Level I or Level II courses and go directly to the Final Comprehensive Exams for certification.

Final Comprehensive Exam: Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ and Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™ learners must pass this exam for certification. 

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