Online Readiness Review

American College of Vedic Astrology

Online-Learning Readiness Self Evaluation
Before you register for your first ACVA online course, please print and complete this short Online Readiness Review. This will only take a minute or two.
Mark the letter that best describes your response to the questions. After completing this survey, see the information below on how to score your answers and how to interpret your score to get a better sense of whether or not ACVA Online learning is a good fit for you at this time.

1. Compared to a traditional live face-to-face course, I believe an online course will require:
A. Less time and effort
B. About the same time and effort
C. More time and effort

2. I have successfully completed an online course in the past:
A. No, I have never taken an online course
B. Yes, a high school level course
C. Yes, a college-level or higher course

3. The grades I usually earn are:
A. Mostly D’s or F’s
B. Mostly C’s
C. Mostly A’s or B’s

4. My primary reason for taking an online course is:
A. I cannot attend a live, face-to-face course -OR- The course I need is only available online
B. I want to experience what taking an online course is like
C. I want the flexibility of working on my coursework at times that are most convenient for me

5. As far as class work is concerned:
A. I sometimes get it done late or I need reminders to get it done on time
B. I often get it done ahead of time
C. I usually get it done on time

6. When managing multiple assignments and class activities:
A. I often fall behind and have difficulty catching up, and I tend to get overwhelmed
B. I sometimes get behind, but usually manage to catch up
C. I usually complete all my class work on time

7. When I need to ask for help:
A. I am reluctant to bother the instructor
B. I hesitate to ask the instructor
C. I am comfortable asking the instructor as soon as I have a question

8. During the process of learning:
A. I prefer to work with others when learning or trying to figure things out
B. I like to work with others but can also work and learn on my own
C. I prefer to learn on my own

9. During the process of learning, when I am isolated from my instructor and classmates:
A. It bothers me a lot because I prefer live, face-to-face contact
B. It bothers me somewhat
C. It doesn’t bother me at all

10. I am most comfortable communicating with my instructor and classmates using:
A. In-person (face-to-face) communication
B. Any more of communication
C. Electronic communication (email, online discussions, chat, IM)

11. When an instructor hands out directions for course activities, I prefer to:
A. Have other people tell me the instructions
B. Work with others to figure out the instructions
C. Read and figure out the instructions myself

12. My comfort level with using computers is:
A. Low. (I usually need help whenever I use a computer OR I have rarely used a computer)
B. Medium. (I sometimes need help to install/run programs, find information on the Web, or mange files)
C. High. (I can download and install files, run applications, browse the Web, and manage files/folders)

13. I have the following type of internet access:
A. No internet access
B. Dial-up access
C. High speed (DSL or Broadband/Cable)

14. My experience in using email is:
A. I have never or have rarely used email
B. I can send and receive email, but don’t have much experience with attaching files
C. I can send and receive email, attach and send files, and open/read attached files

15. When taking a course that involves a lot of reading, I am:
A. Not very comfortable. (I would prefer to have the instructor explain the course information or assignments to me)
B. Mostly comfortable. (I can read the course materials, but I also like to have the instructor explain things to me)
C. Very comfortable. (I read pretty fast and understand most of what I read)

For each (A) give yourself one point, for each (B) give yourself two points, and for each (C) give yourself three points. Record your scores below and total them.

If your total score is:
35-40: This score indicates that you are probably an excellent candidate for online learning.

28-34: This score indicates that you are probably a good candidate for online learning, but you may need to strengthen your readiness in some areas to be successful as an online learner.

0-27: This score indicates that you may not be a good candidate for online learning at this time. If you were to take an online course at this time, you’d probably need to invest much more time and effort in order to feel comfortable with the online environment and to pass the course.




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