Level I Modules

Welcome to the ACVA Online Level I Course in Vedic Astrology!

The benefit of learning Vedic astrology online offers great convenience, as well as consistent and systematic delivery of learning material. However, the benefits of learning anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection, do come with specific responsibilities. This is especially true in terms of allocating and managing your time as well as the complete and timely fulfillment of your course assignments of reading, writing and interacting with your instructor and classmates.

Please take the time to review the informational course documents For your Module Level using the hyperlinks on the right. Have some fun with your learning when you can. Going a bit beyond the minimum class requirements can be educational and enlivening and you might learn even more!

Module 101: Foundations of Vedic Astrology

Module 102: Introduction to the Grahas: The Planets:

Module 103: Introduction to Rasis, Ascendants

Module 104: Introduction to Bhavas

Module 105: Introduction to Aspects, Yogas, Conjunctions

Module 106: Chart Analysis Part 1

Module 107: Nakshatras

Module 108: Chart Analysis Part 2

Module 109: Forecasting

Module 110: Remedial Measures

Sample Charts: