Level II Modules

Welcome to the ACVA Online Level II Course in Vedic Astrology!

In the second year of the ACVA Online program, the purpose of these modules is to expand all the principles you have learned in the first year, as well as learning more advanced techniques and integrating multiple principles into one coherent chart analysis.

Please take the time to review the informational course documents using the links for your Module on the right.

Module 201: Advanced Chart Interpretation

Module 202: Introduction to Rectification & Advanced Chart Interpretation

Module 203: Advanced Chart Interpretation; Part Three

Module 204: Panchanga and Muhurta

Module 205: Prashna or Horary Astrology

Module 206: Career and Life Purpose

Module 207: Ayurvedic Astrology

Module 208: Vedic Astrology and Compatibility

Module 209: Capstone of ACVA Level II Knowledge (Part I)

Module 210: Capstone of ACVA Level II Knowledge (Part II)