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American College of Vedic Astrology February Newsletter

Mr. and Mrs. William LevacyInside This Issue

Wonderful news from our President!

A perfect time for this announcement too - Valentine's month!

Announcing the marriage
of Mr. William Levacy to
Ms. Peggy Raikes!

William and Peggy Levacy

Bill and his new bride, Peggy, were married, December 2009, during the Christmas holidays, in beautiful Hawaii.

ACVA President Bill Levacy, as most of you know, is an author, consulting Vedic astrologer, a leader in aerospace technologies and is completing his Ph.D. in Online Education. His beautiful and brilliant bride Peggy, enjoys her profession as a

Doctor of Acupuncture, involved with patients and in cutting edge research in her field.

We all wish them every happiness and much prosperity as they begin their new life together. Congratulations and Best Wishes! They are at home in Culver City, California, USA.

(For those who have asked if they have a bridal registery, they have not registered anywhere, however they welcome gift cards from Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA and Pier One)

William R. (Bill) Levacy holds a B.A. in English, a Master's degree in Education, and a Master's in SCI. Bill is currently a PhD candidate in Education at Capella University and is the new President of the American College of Vedic Astrology. Bill has been a practitioner of Vedic astrology since 1983. One of the few Western recipients of the Jyotish Kovid award from ICAS, Bill has lectured internationally, written many magazine articles, appeared on TV and radio, and is the author of three best selling books on Vedic astrology, including "Vedic Astrology Simply Put." Visit Bill’s website at www.vedicastrologer.com
ACVA Online Courses - Nancy Dietz
Light Notes - Christina Collins
Planets Ingress
Interview with the Editor
Student Editor Angela Pennington
Yoga Tips
Live Webinar Information


Call 928.592.4633 from 10:AM to 3:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

ACVA Online Classes Information

February Webinar:

Christina Collins

February 13, 2010
Noon, EST

"Compatibility" - 90 minutes

Matching charts for potentially harmonious connections (or disconnects) between two or more individuals. Christina will illustrate the concepts of compatibility in: Love / Marriage relationships, Family relationships and Business relationships.

Initially, we identity and investigate each person's natal horoscope regarding their individual tendencies and how they personally relate regarding relationship(s). Then, we compare the horoscopes to evaluate if it is a Love connection, a Marriage connection (or both). For business the parameters are similar, yet more emphasis on the houses of business, and the Kuta Agreements focus on wealth of assets and property rather than on growth of family
or children. The Navamsa is considered in both, while in Marriage we work with the Saptamsa (children) and in Business comparing, we work more with the Dashamsa -the 7th and 10th harmonic charts.

Order Christina Collins Pre-recorded Webinar.

April Webinar:

Gary Gomes

"The Use of Karakas in Chart interpretation" - 90 minutes

Using the Chara karakas (significators) in standard chart interpretation and using Rasi aspects as well will expand your chart interpretation flexibility and also allows you to examine the chart with more depth. Also, these can be used in the Navamsa to gain more details about the chart.

Order Gary Gomes' Pre-recorded Webinar.
Next Online
Class Modules
Start March 17th, 2010

Sign Up www.acvaonline.org.

ACVA Online Registrar Nancy Dietz

ACVA provides ongoing Level I and Level II online courses in Vedic Astrology.

To register, for the Mar. 17th 2010 course contact our registrar Nancy Dietz by email at nancydietz@acvaonline.org or by phone 928.592.4633.

Visit the ACVA website www.acvaonline.org for more information.

Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins


When a wheel squeaks….it gives you auditory advice that it needs…assistance … in the wheel's case, oil.

Paralleled, if a country needs help, sometimes, its very foundation cracks - making such a crashing noise that its dramatic cry for help rebounds around the world.

Karma, the law of action, "what goes out - returns", on the surface, an earthquake of the 7.0 magnitude that occurred Tuesday, January 12th in Haiti may appear to some, as simply an extension of the karma that this poor struggling nation has, and or the "cross" they have to bear.

However, perhaps in the long run, this is "good," karma - that in the wake of dramatic suffering - the aid that pours in for both healing and rebuilding will create stronger and more stable realities, along with education and rebuilding for better lives for all concerned, even amidst the horrors and the sorrows, of those left behind. Ever remembering - Read the complete February Light Notes


Monthly Planetary Tips

Planetary Ingress February 1st 2010 to April 1st 2010

Every month, as the ACVA news observes the sidereal month's changing of signs, we use the current location of the US Capital, Washington, DC.

For your convenience, we list the planetary ingress, when a planet moves from one sign to the next, for February and March.

Read Complete February Planetary Ingress

Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

February Webinar on Compatibility
Interview on January 31, 2010

Our February 2010 webinar presenter, Christina Collins, will teach a webinar on Compatibility and the comparison of two or more charts for harmony in personal relationship or business partnership on February 13th, just in time for Valentine's Day on the 14th!

Charlotte: Christina, when did you begin to specialize in chart comparison studies?

Christina: Well, initially, my grandfather would have me compare the charts of my brothers and sister to help me understand a couple of different areas.

Charlotte: And what were those?

Christina: First of all to see why we get along …or why we didn't get along. Secondly, to understand the situation that there are similar trends in planetary positions - or what we now call

Read Complete Interview with the Webinar Presenter

Student Editor Monthly Column

By Angela Pennington / Student Editor ACVA News

New Student's Helpful Study Hints

Welcome new students! I hope you are excited about starting school, it's a busy time. Jyotish stretchs as wide and deep as the great mystery itself. Organizing this ancient knowledge quickly and effciently becomes the first test as a new student. Early on, you'll recognize the importance of tracking large amounts of study notes and class materials.

Carving out uninterrupted study time on a regular basis creates a challenge. It may take a few weeks to find our personal groove. Most students agree, memory retention is improved with daily study. To maximize exposure to study material and stay organized, consider these helpful ideas: Read Complete - Helpful Study Hints

Monthly Yoga Tips

February Yoga Tip

Ashwa Sanchalanasana - Equestrian Pose:

Surya Namaskara, the practice of Sun Salutations is made of 12 postures, as each is dedicated to a different constellation of the zodiac, these represent the form. The practice generates prana and the rhythm and cycles of nature are reflected in the number of postures. One round or a right and left side (24 postures) are the hours in a day or a cycle of the sun. Equestrian Pose is the fourth and ninth posture in the series. Ashwa means horse and Sanchalasana is rider posture. Read Complete - February Yoga Tip

Webinar Information

ACVA's February live webinar will be presented by Christina Collins on Saturday February 13, 2010 at Noon, EST. The title is Compatibility. Matching two or more charts for potentially harmonious connections (or disconnects) between two or more individuals. Christina will illustrate the concepts of compatibility.

Order the Pre-recorded Webinar

The April live webinar will be presented by Gary Gomes. The title is "The Use of Karakas in Chart interpretation". Matching two or more charts for potentially harmonious connections (or disconnects) between two or more individuals. Christina will illustrate the concepts of compatibility.

Order the Pre-recorded Webinar.

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Volume 2, Issue 2

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