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American College of Vedic Astrology March Newsletter

Welcome - March 2009 ACVA NewsInside This Issue

New Moon
Every year astrologers calculate a chart for the exact time the new moon occurs in the sidereal sun sign of Pisces. (Conjunction of Sun and Moon) This annual (Varsha) chart is calculated for the capital of each country. Even though the USA chart was born in Philadelphia, PA, we calculate the New Moon chart each year for Washington DC, the seat of the USA’s government. (The most popular USA chart in use among Vedic astrologers is based upon the research of James Kelleher).

The annual chart for the moment that the new moon occurs is used as a “transit,” chart superimposed over a country’s chart to make mundane predictions. Debate exists on which is the actual

"This year, 2009, the Ascendant is Gemini, the house of partnership in the USA chart. One of the things I find concerning --"

USA chart. The tradition is to erect a horoscope for the Capital of a country, and to read or observe the new moon in Pisces sidereal sun chart as the Varsha or annual chart of a country. Traditionally astrologers use Washington DC for the USA as the location for erecting the new moon chart. Today’s writing has me thinking that I might research using Philadelphia, PA as the new moon chart location, as the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. There are great debates as to which is the correct day, let alone the correct time to use. I personally use the Kelleher chart, as I respect him both as an astrologer and as a researcher. I find transit events accurate with this chart as well. If you are reading this and you don’t reside in the USA – calculate the exact time the moon and Sun are first in the same degree as

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Chakrapani Ullal Interview
ACVA Online Courses - Nancy Dietz
Light Notes - Christina Collins
Kauai Healing Retreat
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Chakrapani Ullal Interview Part Two by Charlotte Benson

Charlotte: Chakrapani-ji, you have formulated your own ideas about many classic principles of Jyotisha, including Graha-Yuddhas, based on your own research. Do you have something that you would like to say about discoveries you have made, in your own practice?

Chakrapani: Yes! You know- astrology which is practiced in one culture, -- >>> Read More

ACVA Online Classes Information

The ACVA Online Program is expanding its offerings to include Webinar events. The first two are listed below. Complete details will be listed on www.acvaonline.org by March 18th.

April Webinar:

Gary Gomes
April 18, 2009
Noon, EST
"Systems of Sage Jaimini" 90 minutes - Gary will present an overview of various approaches to Jaimini and provide examples.
May Webinar:

Ronnie Dreyer,
May 16, 2009
Noon, EST
"Putting It All Together" 90 minutes - Ronnie will present step by step chart interpretation.

ACVA provides ongoing Level I and Level II online courses in Vedic Astrology.

To register, for the July 8th course contact our registrar Nancy Dietz by email at nancydietz@acvaonline.org or by phone 928.592.4633.
ACVA Online Registrar Nancy Dietz

Visit the ACVA website www.acvaonline.org for more information.

Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

Christina Collins

Happy Holi Everyone!

Holi this year 2009, began on March 9th and signals the first celebrations in India for the celebration of Spring.

It is known as the Festival of Colors. Children (and adults) attend parties and throw colors on each other (tinted water, and powdered color,) and paint each other’s faces!

While Holi celebrations occur, actions, that usually would be looked upon as very offensive such as throwing something at someone, being wild and obnoxious, squirting or dumping tinted water on strangers, cursing loudly in public at remembered demons (see article at link below on Hindu’s festival Holi), getting intoxicated is condoned. (much like USA’s Halloween, where we dress up for candy and if we don’t get what we want, we throw toilet paper all over someone’s house) For the origins of Holi Click for a good article:

Okay, anyone having a bad Dasa or Transit? Here is an email I got this week. I decided not to “edit it down,” so forgive us if this is a little “graphic.” I do have permission from my client and online ACVA student to reprint it. (I didn’t ask permission to state her chart) She has two young children, and just began Mars Dasa.

From: Jennifer
To: Christina Collins

Subject: 1st day of Ma/Ma dasha

Yesterday Molly came out with a bottle of nail polish. I told her she couldn't have it and asked her to give it to me. Instead, she threw it up in the air - it hit the wall and broke. Nail polish went all over the carpeting. While I was looking up cleaning techniques and cleaning it both of them were in the bathroom playing in the sink. They do this often without many issues.
Today they put a white stuffed bunny in the water and then into the dirt of the plant sitting next to the sink. I am not sure how the rest of the dirt got all over the bathroom. I also found toothbrushes in the plant. When questioned Grant said that he was ‘just scrubbing the plant clean’. Of course, I just cleaned the bathroom yesterday.

Then I went out to make lunch. Molly then walks out with no pants on and announces that she just p#!$ped. She takes me to the bathroom. There I discovered, Her panties and pants full of p#!$p, p#!$p smeared all over the toilet and floor and of course all over her. BIG SIGHHHHH!!

I could not wait for nap and school!!!!

When we got home they worked on painting wrapping paper for dad’s present. They were doing a pretty good job. Then I told them to go wash hands for dinner. Later, when I went to give them a bath I discovered that they had rubbed their hands and possibly brushes down the hall wall leaving big stains all through the hall. No big deal. I can clean that easily I thought. I got them in the bath and stepped out to tend to a little clean up. I come back a few minutes later and Grant is “making it rain” in the bathroom. There is an half inch of water all over the floor and one impressed little boy.

That is the first day of Ma/Ma dasha---I hope all 6 years aren’t like that.

I hope you are having a good day.

My Reply:

Hi Jenn,
Sorry, but I laughed until my sides hurt. Here is my story about when Saturn hit my 5' moon by degree. I KNEW I was under this transit - so it made it easier, sort of. First off, it is winter, a bad Colorado winter. High snow. Next, I smell something, I go to the basement and the clothes dryer is on fire! I have a fire extinguisher, but have never used one. So I get it to work. The fire is out. Foam is all over everything. I think. Yikes, I will deal with this later, I'll take a hot bath and just chill out. I go upstairs, take a wonderful bath, have wet hair (in freezing
weather) – get the picture? I think, I’ll make a cup of hot tea. But first, I’d better check on the foam mess in the basement. The hot water tank has cracked. There is ankle deep water filling the basement and the laundry room in the basement. Forget my beautiful turquoise designer rug, oh did I mention, that my bare feet, ankles and shins are now turquoise from the rug which was from India and not (I guess) dye fast? So then I think. I’ll just turn off the water (all of the water) and call the landlord. Reminder it is snowing, freezing and really cold. He tells me the roads are too bad for him to get out that day with a new heater. So, I think, no problem I’ll have some tea, (remember the water is turned off for the moment) on the way to the kitchen, I think, gosh its really cold in the living room – at which point I realize that the heater has also decided to break today - so I thought, I’ll go make that tea before I call the landlord. I felt the living room wall, and it felt like an outside snowy wall feels, really cold. I go in to make the tea. The gas stove does not work! Unbelievable. So, I think I’ll just have some fruit juice. I open the fridge pick up the juice, the whole top shelf of the refrigerator falls out onto the kitchen floor spilling a large carton of milk, and breaking a medium sized jar of sweet pickles. (I think to myself, don’t cry over spilt milk…even though I am laughing really hard by now) and my laughing brings my little Pomeranians Poppy and Leo into the kitchen, and I think Oh No! Broken Glass, Milk! They love milk.) So I quickly threw my one remaining turquoise carpet from India over the milk, pickles and shattered glass before they could get hurt. You should have seen us – cuddled up in blankets for 2 days, no heat, no hot water, no stove. Couldn’t really clean the mess up very well either until the water was available.

Yep that’s what the beginning of a Dasa or an exact malefic transit feels like. Don’t worry it won’t last 6 years.

If you have a funny story (awful, or tough – so bad that all you can do is laugh) send it to: editor@acvaonline.org

Happy Spring!

Kauai Hawaii Seven Day Healing Intensive

Ayurvedic Food and Cooking Styles

Avani Sukhadia Robinson Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Our Ayurveda/Jyotish retreat in Kauai will have not only Ayurvedic medicine and Jyotish Astrology classes, but also an evening with Avani Sukhadia Robinson, who will be teaching an evening class on how to cook Ayurvedic food!

Avani has been studying and practicing Ayurveda for the past eight years, and has trained with the most respected teachers and gurus in the field. Avani is a graduate of New York University, The School of Healing Arts, and the American School of Ayurveda.

"Growing up in a family of physicians and healers, at an early age I developed a natural instinct to care for the health of those around me, and to ease the suffering of those in pain. My family's deep spirituality and celebration of our Indian heritage, ingrained in me a deep respect and understanding of Hindu/Vedic traditions. These two greatly defining aspects of my life are beautifully expressed in my profession, my passion, Ayurveda."

Avani can be reached at www.ayurveda-sedona.com or avani@ayurveda-sedona.com

In addition to Avani Sukhadia Robinson's class, all the Breakfasts and Lunches that are part of the complete conference package will also have an authentic Ayurvedic Chef for the Kauai healing retreat, Mira Murphy who cooks the Ayurvedic food for the 7 Centers Yoga Arts program in Sedona, Arizona.

Facility: Sam Bhavan Kauai Retreat

For More Information: Please Visit http://www.acvaonline.org/acva-events-2010 Or Call 928.592.4633

Book Before March 31st 2009 to save money!

Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

To all of our wonderful Students and Readers,

Everyone involved with the ACVA-News is so thankful and happy that our readers are enjoying our contributions! We have had many emails and phone calls and each month we will select a couple of these submissions/requests to answer. Keep those emails coming!


Dear Christina,

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to receive this ACVA newsletter jam-packed with your incredible wisdom!!! Thank you, dear angel of light!

Love, Juliana

Dear Juliana,

Kudos back to you! Hoping you will grace us with an article soon!

Warm regards, Christina

Hi Christina,

Thank you for the newsletters I really enjoy them! I have a question, where did you get number 6 from about Libra's being known to be intuitive. Is it written about somewhere that I can look up? 6. Planets in Water Signs - Brahmin signs. This can increase intuition. Libra Ascendant or Moon. Libra is known to be extremely intuitive. (I have a Libra moon so I found that very interesting.)

Thanks, Liz

Dear Liz,

Good Question! I have read it in a book (I have them all, or everyone I can find – but I can’t remember which book) and I have also seen it from my studies and client consultations.

The logic comes from the eighth house as the house of transcendence and intuition and “psychic gifts,” and so, for the Libra Lagna or Rising Sign, the ruler of the first house, and the ruler of the 8th house is the same – the planet Venus.

Aries rising also has the ruler of the 1st and ruler of the 8th the same (Mars). It is said that if the ruler of the 8th is also the ruler of the 1st, it becomes a benefic for that chart. (Where often the ruler of the 8th can be troublesome and malefic). In the case of Aries, if the Scorpio 8th house is positive or well fortified, Aries also can be very intuitive. This explains why the Aries dominant person can be such a great leader, or why an Aries person is so useful and helpful on a road trip – or travelling anywhere for that matter, as their intuition guides them. They can find anything!

Hope this answers your question!

Sincerely, Christina

We also asked for Submissions on: So, what began your Vedic Astrology story? Here is the first of those stories by ACVA Level I graduate Christopher Burns:


My name is Christopher Burns and I am a level 1 graduate from the ACVA program.

I was so excited when I read the request for submissions as I had been wanting to write this story for some time. >>> Read More

Monthly Planetary Tips

Christina’s March Tips!

The Sidereal Sun moves into the sign of Pisces (March 14th) and will receive some slight relief from moving away from its opposition to its enemy Saturn in the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun (Saturn is the son of the Sun and in Jyotish they are enemies as each owns a house either 6, 7 or 8 away from the other) Click Here To Read The Complete Article

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines: Please contact the ACVA News Editor to have submissions considered for publication in upcoming ACVA eNewletters. editor@acvaonline.org

One of our current Requests: So, what began your story? Please submit your stories of 300 to 600 words of what led you to the study of Vedic Astrology.

Volume I, Issue 3

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