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Inside This IssueMarch 2012 Presidents Letter by WIlliam Levacy
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Spring News


Spring is here again! A time to resurrect, revive, dust-off, and return to the light. We can all make good use of this time, halfway between winter and summer, halfway between light and dark.

This is the time many Northern societies regard as the freshest, and most pleasant stage of a person's life and times.
Spring is also a good period to renew and rebalance our relationships, to dust off old encumbering feelings and let the light shine in. We want to welcome the renewing vernal energy to help us navigate energetically and joyfully through the rest of the year.

We in ACVA have some exciting new educational possibilities to "spring" on our learners this year. We are also hoping to increase our scholarships to offer Vedic astrology education to underserved areas -

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2012 2nd Quarter Festival Days

March 20Spring Equinox 1:14 EST
March 23 - April 1Vasanti Navaratri: Nine Days of Mother Divine
April 1 Ram Navami - Rama's birthday
April 6 Full Moon and Hanuman Jayanti - Hanuman's birthday
April 24Akshaya Tritiya - Day of Lasting Achievements
May 5Full Moon
May 6 Buddha Jayanti - Buddha's birthday
May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse - Starts 17:06 EST
June 4 Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse - Starts 5:00am EST
June 20 Summer Solstice 19:09 EST

ACVA Online Info

Note about Nancy
Many of you have heard by now that our friend and ACVA admin Nancy Dietz had a stroke in January of this year. Nancy is on the road to recovery at her home in Sedona, with the assistance of her family and friends.

Thanks to all of you who have sent your well wishes and have been patient with ACVA as it adjusted its operations during this critical time.

We thank you for your patience as we work out the transitions
and reassign the tasks required to operate ACVA at this time.

Updated ACVA

Contact Information

ACVA is upgrading its systems. As a result please use the following telephone number until further notice

You can still contact ACVA via our email address admin@acvaonline.org
ACVA Academic Schedule

New 2012 Online Classes Forming

Level I and Level II.

Contact ACVA at admin@acvaonline.org
or call 972-758-9383 for latest start dates

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ACVA Upcoming Events

NAMA Conference
April 19 - 22
Location: Bellevue, WA - For complete details visit the ACVA Events Page

BAVA Conference
April 26 - 30
Location: Mandeville Place, London - For complete details visit the ACVA Events Page

UAC Conference
May 24 - 29
Location: New Orleans, LA - For complete details visit the ACVA Events Page

Araha Vidya Gurukulam Conference
Jun 1 - 10
Location: Saylorsburg, PA - For complete details visit the ACVA Events Page

Astro Article

A Small Glimpse of India's Jyotish Traditions

By: Andrew Foss

Jyotish is to be found in all corners of India and each area has its specialities where certain techniques have been highly developed. Some places are famous for their depth of knowledge. Kerala Jyotishis are especially brilliant in Prashna. First they memorise Brihat Jataka of VarahaMihira and then study Prashna Marga. As far as I gathered from spending quite a lot of time with the astrologers there, Brihat Parashara was little known until recently, though many other texts are there. One pandit told me that he would advise students to practise pranayama for ten years before starting on the Vidya (Jyotish studies). Mantra practices are also key.

In Tamil Nadu, there are astrologers who are expert in answering questions just based on the breath. Of course, now these things are quite widely studied. I understand that Dr BV Raman and his family are of a Brahmin community who came to Karnataka from Andhra Pradesh, which is a great seat of Vedic wisdom. Slightly to the North of AP on the East coast is Orissa where Adi -

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Sattvic Eating

By Angela Pennington

When Mother handed me a sweet treat as a child, it never occurred to her that she was feeding me a drug. Sweets were a natural addition to a healthy meal and were a focal point during holiday events. My rich family heritage ensured the next generation would understand the importance of cakes and breads.

Every day, our family gathered for a sit down dinner. Together we enjoyed wonderful home made meals which always included some form of meat, salad, vegetable, starch and bread. Of course, two hours later we met up once again in the kitchen for dessert. At the time, I didn't realise I was learning "food rituals", and I most certainly did not know that one day I would have to re-script those behaviours in order to secure my good health and long life.

I'm not exactly sure when the lightening flash occurred, but on January 1, 2012, my new lifestyle came into being. On the first day of eating "clean", I discovered Sugar infiltrated my diet through coffee and excessive carbohydrates. As it happened, I had a book written by Suzanne Somer's called "Get Skinny on Fabulous Food". Inside, she talks in depth about carbohydrates and how the - Read Complete Article

Determining Ayurvedic Prakruti

By Richelle Jarrell

The sciences of Ayurveda and Jyotish both have an important relationship to the pancha-mahabhutas, or five great elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. In Ayurveda, the body types of Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha are formed by different combinations of these elements. Vata is comprised of air and ether. Pitta is formed by water and fire, and Kapha is formed by earth and water. Similarly, in Jyotish, we work with fire signs, water signs, earth signs and air signs, which each have a planetary ruler. This correspondence links the two sciences together, and by natural extension, one's Ayurvedic constitution, or prakruti, can be determined from their Jyotish chart.

The Grahas' individual nature will first influence the prakruti. They are the deliverers of our karma, and the first place this is seen is in the body we receive at birth. Grahas placed in the Lagna have a significant impact. For example, Mars and the Sun are both fiery Grahas, and a chart with Mars or the Sun placed in the Lagna can have a healthy dose of Pitta dosha. Saturn or Rahu in the Lagna can have a significant Vata influence. Jupiter or Venus in the Lagna can influence the constitution towards - Read Complete Article

 Spring 2012 Mystery Chart
Guess the occupation of the chart listed below:

Mystery Chart March 2012

Identify the person’s career in the chart shown below?
a. Dog trainer
b. Radiologist
c. Singer
d. Test pilot

Send in your answer to editor@acvaonline.org. Winner will be announced in the Summer 2012 ACVA News and will receive a free digital download from the ACVA store. * One winner per contest, first correct answer received wins.

Congrats to our December 2011 Mystery Chart Winner!
Dustin Hiles correctly determined the answer of a transformational psychologist. The featured chart was that of Dr. Timothy Leary, Harvard psychologist and controversial figure in the “New Age” transformational movement of the late Sixties. Good job, Dustin!

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DL-020Powerful Women: Horoscopes of the Rich and FamousRonnie Gale Dreyer
DL-021The Goddess Lakshmi and Lakshmi YogaKathleen Burt
DL-022 Drekenna: Key to In-depth Chart AnalysisJames Kelleher
DL-024 Advanced Techniques in PrashnaJames Kelleher
DL-026Vedic and Western Astrology Side by SideEdith Hathaway
DL-027Introduction to Vedic AstrologyDennis Harness, Ph.D.
DL-028 Beneath a Vedic Sky: Seven Skills of an AstrologerWilliam Levacy

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Vedic Astrology Coaching
A New ACVA Course
- Coming Soon

Vedic Astrology CoachingACVA is preparing to release on a new course that combines the skills of life coaching with the practice of Vedic astrology. This exciting new ACVA Vedic Astrology Coaching ™ course is planned to start in the summer of 2012 To read more about these courses please click this link Life Coaching for Astrologer

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