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American College of Vedic Astrology June Newsletter

Christina Collins Interview by Charlotte BensonInside This Issue

Christina Collins

Charlotte: Christina thanks for taking the time to chat with me today.

Christina: Yes, well thank you for all you do - interviewing everyone for our ACVA News cover story!

Charlotte: How did you get started in astrology?

Christina: I wrote about this in one of my past editorials in May Light Notes my first teacher was my maternal Grandfather who began my studies by teaching me astronomy from the night sky. I continued learning on my own over these many years, with many teachers, but mostly from experience.

I like the idea of doing as many charts as possible to study specific concepts. You can only learn so much from books. And, a lot of ancient texts have different translations in the west. Like in propitiation, where the ancient texts might

say to give a gift of cows to a Brahmin, in present day we use cash instead of cows for currency. Though I did have someone take that very seriously and he gave me a little toy metal cow. It was years ago, and I still have it. It really meant something deep to me at the time.

Charlotte: So you’ve studied a long time, what were your first sources, what are your major influences.

Christina: My Grandfather had the western sidereal books by DeLuce and others,. He, began teaching me in 1955 when I was seven or so. I think I‘ve been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and I have met many teachers in India as well.

Charlotte: You became quite immersed in the TM (Transcendental Meditation) movement, in its early development in the US - did that kind of spiritual training influence your practice of Astrology?

Christina: Of course, I cannot leave out Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I taught TM for decades, and through him, and that path, I learned much. Vedic Study, and Sanskrit

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ACVA Online Classes Information

Our ACVA Online Program's June live Webinar is the last Saturday in June. Christina Collins will teach the current planetary transits with focus on Venus and Mars on June 27th.

June Webinar:

Christina Collins,
June 27th 2009
Noon, EST

"Love and Money, Passion and Ambition - Venus and Mars" 90 minutes - Christina will present planetary transit influences of this time of year. She will show how to astrologically find the dharma and life passion or life work of an individual to aid them in both choosing an initial career when young, and when starting a business or a career later in life. Sometimes even changing fields completely.

Christina Collins Interview

July Webinar:

Komilla Sutton,
July 18, 2009
Noon, EST
"Debilitation of the Planets" 90 minutes - Komilla will lecture on the coming debilitation of planets as 5 planets will transit in debilitation at the same time during October & November of 2009.

Avasthas, States of Consciousness of the planets. Planets work on 4 levels of consciousness- waking, dreaming, sleeping and transcendental states. Understanding the Avasthas of planets give us a new look at the debilitation, and its connections to spiritual growth. Why debilitated planets may not be as negative as long as we understand how to use their energy in the right way. As we are experiencing the Debilitation of Jupiter in 2009 and then in October- November 2009, Sun, Mars, Venus will also be debilitated together with Jupiter, therefore understanding how to empower debilitated planets will help us deal with these transits.

Details and sign-ups are listed on www.acvaonline.org.

Webinars - $52.95
Earn 1½ Hours ACVA Credit.

Next Online Classes

Start July 8, 2009

Online Feedback:

The ACVA Level I on-line course is exceptionally well-designed and delivered. As a student, I felt supported in every way and was confidently prepared to take the certification exam. For those who seek the Self as well as a way to help others on their path, this is time very well-spent. Mehtab, Austin Texas

ACVA Online Registrar Nancy Dietz

ACVA provides ongoing Level I and Level II online courses in Vedic Astrology.

To register, for the July 8th course contact our registrar Nancy Dietz by email at nancydietz@acvaonline.org or by phone 928-282-2857.

Visit the ACVA website www.acvaonline.org and click on "Online Classroom" for more information.

Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

Adopting a Pet using Jyotish


You’d be surprised how many people call for Jyotish consultations for their pets! Sometimes, before adopting a pet, they ask for the interpretation of the animal’s birth chart of a particular litter of puppies, to check for things like potential health problems, to confirm that the chart shows loving and bonding capabilities, or even to choose a resonant name for their new already adopted pet.

The technique is similar to the naming of a new human baby. Often they ask for a compatibility study with their own and/or other family members charts. For example, you might not want to choose a pet with their sun sign falling in your own 8th house of misery and chronic health!

At this writing the Sun is just going into the sign of Gemini – so if you are Scorpio Lagna or Moon, you might want to wait for you new friend to be born in the Cancer sun sign, or choose from a litter born with the Sun in Taurus.

Even though the 5th house is the house of children, and the 6th house is the house of pets (those who “serve” you), if you do not have children, or if your children are grown and out of the house, then the 5th house must be observed in your own chart, as well as the 6th!

  • Some thoughts for helping you choose your pet: If your 6th house holds Venus (Venus is how you love), you must make sure that your own 6th house is fortified and that your new pet also has a good overall chart. Otherwise, you could have pets with a tendency towards health problems or who is accident prone.

  • If you have a shubra ketari yoga of your 6th house Venus, it will fortify your chart, if Venus is a functional benefic for you.

  • Colors related to your ruler of your 6th, and 6th from the Moon of pet, can indicate a good color choice for your pet, and also the sign itself indicates whether a good choice is cat (Leo) or dog (Leo/Sag) or horse (Sag) or fish (Pisces) or Gemini (bird).

  • For example, I have Saturn in the 6th from the moon, and I tend to have dark, or black colored pets.
So, you can imagine my situation as an astrologer when my Veterinarian asked me if I would rescue/adopt my 4th dog! He had been thrown out of a car, and hit by a car, broken his leg, lost two toes and his footpad – and had the soul of a Saint! We think he is about two years old, based on his teeth, and I think he has a Taurus sun, based on his eating (laughter) and his, yes, his singing! Hilarious! He sings along to anything! Especially Happy Birthday! (He knows ice cream comes after that!)

Lakota singing Happy Birthday to Luna Tune.
In most cases the time of birth for animals is unknown, but if you have at least a day of birth and the correct year, you can read the chart from the Chandra lagna (moon chart as rising sign) and the Surya lagna (Sun as rising sign ) for health. Also, for the Vimshottari Dasas, you can calculate the Surya or Sun Dasas as the Sun only moves one degree a day, and as the Moon moves 10 degrees in a day, you can get a workable Dasa going using the Sun for calculation. (I developed this system when I researched the American stock market for about a decade). As the IPO for any given stock was the same, the time when the stock market opens, or the company when formed could have been at any unknown time of day, I began using Sun dasas for stocks – but that’s another story, and not for the Light Notes column!


In the event, that no birth time is known, or even the month or day of your pets birth, then erect a Prasna (horary) chart for the moment you first see the pet, or that someone first asks you to adopt the pet. (I use Lakota’s adoption chart, the date they released him as healthy enough to come home with me, to celebrate his birthday.) This chart should indicate the pros and cons of the adoption of that particular pet. Also, check this chart as a transit chart against your own chart, or consult a competent astrologer if you don’t yet feel confident in reading prasna charts and as in all choices, listen to your heart!

Kauai Hawaii Seven Day Healing Intensive

A Seven-Day Healing Intensive
Sam Bhavan Retreat Center, Kauai, Hawaii
May 24th - 31st, 2009

June 1st
• Optional Post Healing Intensive Workshop
Inner Tantric Yoga

Invited Faculty:
Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Tanmay Goswami, Chakrapani Ullal, Yogini Shambhavi, Christina Collins, Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D., Ruth Hartung, Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A., Susie Patterson, M.A., Avani Sukhadia and Komilla Sutton

Beginning and Intermediate / Advanced Learning Tracks will be offered

This seven-day healing intensive program explores both Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, helping the student cross-reference and use both disciplines together for healing and counseling purposes. Because the program is integrated with daily yoga and meditation practices, participants will experience the richness of a yogic lifestyle and ayurvedic prepared meals, combined with profound knowledge of the Vedic sciences.

Facility: Sam Bhavan Kauai Retreat

For More Information: Please Visit vedicastrology.org/events.html Or Call 928-282-6595

Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

To all of our wonderful Students and Readers,

Everyone involved with the ACVA-News is so thankful and happy that our readers are enjoying our contributions! We have had many emails and phone calls and each month we will select a couple of these submissions/requests to answer. Keep those emails coming!


The June ACVA News Letters to the Editor mailbag was running over. Due to limitations of the email system we can't send more than a limited amount of information in one ACVA eNewsletter.

Too many Letters to the Editor is very Good News. We have devoted an entire offline web page to the great letters and feedback we received for June 2009. Please take a moment and read the web page. http://www.vedicastrology.org/acva_news_june_09_letters_christina_collins.html

Monthly Planetary Tips

Planetary Positions for Sidereal Taurus -- May 14, to June 16, 2009

May/June looks to be a very interesting time for us all, as there are several fairly big astrological changes that occurring during this time.

As May began, Jupiter moved to Kumbha (Aquarius), the Sun on May 14th moves to Vrishabha (Taurus), Mercury remains in Vrishabha (Taurus), Moon is in Makara (Capricorn), UttaraAshada, Mars and Venus are both in Meena (Pisces), Saturn progresses retrograde through Simha (Leo), while Rahu continues in Makara (Capricorn). Read Complete May Tips

Webinar Information

Our first ACVA online webinar took place on April 18th 2009 with Vedic Astrologer Gary Gomes on the subject of Jaimini astrology. Several of us took the class and found it very clear and helpful for those people that are just beginning their studies in Jaimini, as well as a nice review for those of us who “know,” Jaimini who were happy to receive an orderly and structured review or “refresher,” course on this fascinating type of Vedic Astrology.

To purchase and attend the next live webinar on May 16th with Ronnie Gale Dreyer on "Putting It All Together" - Ronnie will review how to interpret a chart step by step and using Barack Obama's chart she will show how this method works like a charm.

Please go to: www.acvaonline.org and click on the Webinar Information button for registration.

Christina Collins will be teaching the June Webinar on Mars and Venus: Love, Money, Passion and Power on June 27th.

If you a qualified vedic astrologer and you have an interest in teaching an ACVA Educational Webinar please send your request to the ACVA Online Program Coordinator Nancy Dietz, nancydietz@acvaonline.org.

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