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Inside This IssueMarch 2012 Presidents Letter by WIlliam Levacy
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Summer Season


The Summer season marks a time of new energy and enthusiasm for the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA). The National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) held its annual event in Seattle. On the bayous of New Orleans, several years of planning finally bore fruit for the
United Astrology Conference (UAC) of which ACVA and CVA were major supporting organizations.

The UAC conference marked a time when all forms of astrology, both East and West, come together to share and appreciate their rich heritages and vast repositories of knowledge.

ACVA took UAC as an opportunity to recognize and award many people who have contributed to the field of Vedic astrology.

Read Complete Article For List

ACVA, UAC and NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

By: Bill Levacy

Sutton, Gayatri Devi, Levacy, Shambhavi, Frawley, Flaherty, Ullal
L to R: Komilla Sutton, Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Bill Levacy, Shambhavi, David Frawley, Dennis Flaherty, Chakrapani Ullal More Images from UAC

ACVA's First International Virtual
Symposium on Vedic Astrology

ACVA First International Virtual Symposium August 5th 2012BV Raman’s 100th Birthday Webinar Celebration coming Aug 5

It's been 20 years since the first International Symposium in Vedic Astrology held in 1992 in San Rafael, California, with Keynote Speaker, Dr. B.V. Raman. Now we are commemorating this historic event with the launch of ACVA’s First International Virtual Symposium.

Speakers have been invited around the world to celebrate this event and to celebrate the 100 year birth of Dr. B.V.Raman. Watch for registration (free) information coming soon!!

Astro Article - The Elements

By Angela Pennington

During my first module at ACVA, I remember the instructors stressing the importance of taking time to memorize, and learn the basics. This was great advice. Over time, I’ve learned the fundamentals need to be more than keywords. They need to become part of us. In the beginning we memorize flash cards. In order to shift from intellectual understanding to pure knowledge it’s important to contemplate and meditate the concepts and rules handed down throughout the ages. Personally, I have discovered all roads lead back to the elements. Below, please find the results of my contemplations regarding each element and how it relates to the signs and planets.


Ether is a medium that fills the spaces where nothing exists. Its not something we can reach out and touch, yet its all around us, we draw upon it to create. Scientists study ether in an effort to understand the movement of light, while spiritual people draw light through ether to connect with God. The Universe is infinite, therefor so is ether. Expansive, uniting, quiet and unquestioning. Lord Jupiter is ether. He is expansive, teaches us how to move our minds higher and create. Through him, we learn to value sacred sounds and words. We gain wisdom, look inward and develop Read Complete Article

 Summer 2012 Mystery Chart

Mystery Chart June 2012

Our Summer Mystery Chart is that of a celebrity athlete who amongst many things was accused of lying. Do you think this person spoke the truth? Give the indications in the chart that you feel reveal if the person is or is not a truth teller (HINT: This is NOT Roger Clemens).

Send in your answer to editor@acvaonline.org. Winner will be announced in the Fall 2012 ACVA News and will receive a free digital download from the ACVA store. * One winner per contest, first correct answer received wins.

Spring Mystery Chart Winner is Alex Marcil…..Alex was the first to correctly identify “correct answer is c) Singer. This is the chart of Whitney Houston. Strong voice, strong second house.” Alex will be receiving a special coupon to buy a recording of his choice from the ACVA Bookstore.

Quote of the Quarter

“Liberation cannot be achieved except by the perception of the identity of the individual spirit with the universal spirit.” - Shankara

Updated ACVA Contact Information

ACVA Office Phone 972-758-9383 Email admin@acvaonline.org Allow a one day turn around

ACVA Academic Schedule

New 2012 Online Classes Forming Level I and Level II. Contact ACVA at admin@acvaonline.org or call 972-758-9383 for latest start dates

Link for the latest course calendar http://www.acvaonline.org/acva-2012-class-exam-schedule/

Vedic Astrology Coaching
Watch for Announcement
- Coming in September, 2012

Vedic Astrology CoachingACVA is preparing to release on a new course that combines the skills of life coaching with the practice of Vedic astrology. This exciting new ACVA Vedic Astrology Coaching ™ (VAC) course is planned to start in September, 2012 To read more about these courses please click this link Life Coaching for Astrologer

Donate to ACVA
Your generosity will help fund Vedic astrology scholarships and will aid in promoting the ancient science of Jyotisha around the world.


Special Events

Fourth Of July Course 07/01/12 to 07/06/12

Karma, Reincarnation and Life after Life

ACVA President, Bill Levacy will be a featured speaker, giving lectures on
  • Karma
  • Lessons from Saturn
  • Four Goals of Life
  • The Karmic Axis of Rahu and Ketu
Contact the Yoga Farm to Register

Labor Day Weekend - 13th Annual Vedic Astrology Conference

08/30/12 to 09/03/12 Sivananda Yoga Farm
Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) • Yogini Shambhavi • Andrew Foss PhD
• James Kelleher • Bill Levacy • Komilla Sutton • Pandit Samavedula • Swami Sitaramananda
• Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) • Finding Spiritual Joy (Soma) using Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish

Contact the Yoga Farm to Register

Astro Article - Natal Panchanga:

By Rhonda Busby

Panchanga is one of the factors of muhurta, which is used to select an auspicious time to start an activity or event. The panchanga at the time of birth describes the energies of one’s life and how they may be used most auspiciously. Panchanga is Sanskrit for five limbs: pancha = five and anga = limbs.

Panchanga is the five ways that celestial light influences the matter of the world:

Thus, Sun (spirit) and Moon (matter) combine and incarnate through the five elements of matter to create our world and everything in it, including us. The panchanga is a refinement of how this is done, and shows the manifestation of our present incarnation. Panchanga consists of: Read Complete Article

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