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President's Message June 2014
WIlliam Levacy, Ph.D.
Pesident's Message

Planetary Transits With Charlotte Benson

Summertime Celebrations

ACVA Board Members Meet with ICAS Leaders

Vedic Astrology Coaching

ACVA's New Facebook Community

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The summer solstice is a point in time in the northern Hemisphere, when the earth is most directly tilted on its axis toward the Sun. Prithivi, the Earth, bows in gratitude to Surya, the Sun who brings light and warmth to all living beings. On this day, members of various cultures, enjoy celebrations, marking this as the longest day of the year.

The Devas, or shining one representing the powers of nature, are most fully lighted up on this day.

It is a time to be jubilant and to celebrate the bounties of nature’s goodness.

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When we look at the calendar of events for this summer season, we see several opportunities to participate in the celebration of summer’s long lights. We have made a list of announcements below. Be sure to attend at least one of these events and join in with others in sharing the blessings of knowledge and community.

ACVA also wants to welcome Angela Pennington and Shoba Mohan, -

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William R. (Bill) Levacy, Ph.D.

President, American College of Vedic Astrology™

Charlotte BensonThe Observatory Planetary Transits

2014 Planets: Summer Solstice – Autumnal Equinox
June 21st marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The day when the Sun reaches its most northern position in the sky, and seems to stand still before changing direction, going south again, until December 21. June 21 is the longest day, and the shortest night of the year, north of the equator.

The planets begin this season is these positions:

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By Charlotte Benson
ACVA Board Memeber

The Summertime Celebrations
July - 2014 
11Full Moon (4:26 am PDT) Guru Purnima
26New Moon (03:42 pm PDT)
August - 2014 
01Nag Panchami
10Raksha Bandhan
10Full Moon ( 11:10 am PDT)
17Krishna Janmashtami
25New Moon (07:13 am PDT)
29Ganesh Chaturthi
September - 2014 
08Full Moon ( 06:38 pm PDT)
22Autumnal/ Fall Equinox (7:29 pm PDT)
23New Moon (11:13 pm PDT)
25Navaratri Begins
30Durga Puja

ACVA Board Members Meet with ICAS Leaders

ACVA Board Meets With ICASShoba Mohan and Bill Levacy of ACVA met with ICAS leaders Gayatri Devi Vasudev and A.B. Shukla on June 12. They all participated in a Vedic Astrology Conference at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulum in Saylorsburg. Pennsylvania.

Be sure to sign up for these great opportunities to expand your knowledge of Vedic astrology!!

Upcoming Conferences
Be sure to sign up for great opportunities to expand your knowledge of Vedic astrology!

June 19th dancingshiva.comvedicconference.com/ • July 3rd sivanandayogafarm.org

Vedic Astrology CoachingTM (VAC)

The Vedic Astrology Coach™ works with the client to identify their purpose in life

The ACVA Certification course in Vedic Astrology Coaching™ introduces you to the practice of using Life Coaching, along with Vedic astrology. VAC is a process and a strategy to help clients achieve the highest level of their personal destiny as outlined in their Vedic astrology charts. In its first year of operation, as of December, 2013, the ACVA VAC program has graduated eight (8) ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coaches ™ (VAC). Coaching is a process proven to have great potential for improving the quality of an individual's life and their general performance in the workplace, or for whatever course of action they have selected for themselves in the world.

The VAC process enables the client to work co-actively with the Vedic astrologer to set life goals based on Vedic astrology analysis.

Integrating the principles of coaching with those of Vedic astrology offers a powerful tool for assisting a Vedic astrology client in discovering their purpose in life and for
performing at their highest capacity helping them to achieve their full potential.

This course will clarify what coaching really is, how it can be integrated with Vedic astrology and how the two combined can be an effective method to develop persons and teams. You will learn what Vedic Astrology coaching is, how it works, and when you can use it effectively to help a client in a Vedic astrology chart interpretation session. email info@acvaonline.org for more information

Those that sign up by Labor Day, get a complimentary first week of course tuition!

ALFA ACVA’s New Facebook Community

Join us for Fun, Friendship, and Knowledge

ACVA is now providing an on-going discussion group and support network for all ACVA Learners, Friends, and Alumni (Instructors, too) --ALFA. This is a special Facebook group for the ACVA community. If you are a Learner or former Learner of ACVA (or a friend and supporter) and have not received an invitation to join, please send a message and we will greet you at the door!. admin@acvaonline.org

Topics discussed: Jyotish and all relevant subjects. Including, Spirituality, Sacred Text, Myths and
Astronomy, Tips on Running a Jyotish Practice and related topics.

We will post information about upcoming Webinars, Events and Classes at ACVA. In addition, we will post any free ACVA/ALFA member related events online. ALFA - ACVA Learners Friends Alumni If you’d like to join, email us at admin@acvaonline.org

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Your donations will help us remodel ACVA over the next few months. We need $2,000 to make our website and online courseroom multi-platform ready. Soon you will be able to attend ACVA courses on your Smartphone or Tablet from anywhere in the world 24/7. Help us make Jyotish more available to all if you can! http://www.acvaonline.org/make-a-donation-to-acva

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