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American College of Vedic Astrology August Newsletter

William R. Levacy Interview by Charlotte BensonInside This Issue

William R. Levacy

Charlotte: Thanks, Bill, for taking the time out of your amazingly busy schedule to answer some questions for us. First of which is: How in the world did you get involved with Jyotish?

William (Bill) Levacy: Well - actually, it was around 1983. I had been meditating since about 1970. As early as 1977, Maharishi (Mahesh Yogi) had been talking about Jyotish, but never did much about it. Then around '82, he started talking about Ayurveda. And he was mentioning that a part of one's health approach, one needed to know, in advance, about the onset of a disease, and how to treat it. And Jyotish was a tool to be able to anticipate the approach of a health problem, and treat it effectively. So I just started based on that. And then interestingly enough, I ran into

a class, in West Hollywood, taught by Phyllis Kneip. She was one of the first people in the L.A. area to work with Sidereal, and basically Vedic astrology. We used to have group meetings and discuss charts. She was the one who taught me how to calculate a chart by hand. So, I did charts by hand for about 6 months. And I thought to myself how laborious, and repetitive this is. I had some friends who were computer specialists, and I talked them into developing a chart calculation and interpretation program. So I basically got about 15 or 20 books about Vedic astrology, and had them all computerized. And then did a text-extraction program to pull all the data out of all these books, and used it as a learning tool. And it really accelerated my learning of Vedic astrology.

Charlotte: I guess it would! That's was a brilliant, modern method. So - what else were you doing at that time?

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Light Notes - Christina Collins
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Our ACVA Online Program's live September Webinar: Sam Geppi (Sadasiva), on Dharma, Karma, Artha and Moksha is:

Sam Geppi

Saturday, the 12th of September at Noon, EST.

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"Evolution of Consciousness Through the Four Aims of Life and The Bhavas" 90 minutes -

The evolution of body, mind and spirit can be seen by examining the relationship between the astrology houses and the four Purusarthas (four aims of life). Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha unfold in this order, three times, through the bhavas. In this class we will explore this unfolding and expose the deeper mystical implications of it.

Sadasiva has close to 25 years of Vedic Study and experience. He is a Certified Vedic Astrologer and Teacher through the American College of Vedic Astrology (Level II) as well as
author of "The Ascendant - 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology". He also has contributed to various Astrology publications.

Phone: 415.244.1302

October Webinar:

Juliana Swanson,

October 10, 2009
Noon, EST

"Fine Tuning Astrological Analysis and Predictions with the Bhava Kundali (House Chart)"

90 minutes

This webinar will begin with a brief discussion of the nature and history of astrological house systems, followed by an overview of rashi and bhava chart construction and a delineation of the two different types of bhava charts, the Equal Bhava Chart and the Sri Pati Bhava Chart. Specific techniques and rules of interpretation will be presented along with several North Indian-style chart illustrations using the often more-preferred Equal Bhava Chart.

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ACVA Online Registrar Nancy Dietz

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Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

09/09/09 Saturn is Moving from Leo to Virgo!

Saturn will leave its almost three year sojourn in fiery Leo for a cooler stay in its good friend Mercury's sign of Virgo on September 9th. Fortunate for Taurus people, as their yogkaraka is now traveling in a trine and friends' sign.

Also good, for some Scorpio people, for even though Saturn is an enemy of Mars, Mars does exalt in Saturn's sign, and the eleventh house transit of Saturn is considered the very best upachaya for the transit of Saturn. Upachayas are 3, 6, 10 and 11 - houses who improve over time, and the 11th is the house of gains)

I often pay attention to this particular transit myself, (believe it or not, I have astrologically observed Saturn go around the zodiac almost twice) because of something my grandfather taught me.

He was born in 1918 and studied the work of Stowe and Biblical Astrology. An age, or the transit of the Sun through a sign takes about 29,000 years and he told me the Sphinx (half woman, half lion) was built to celebrate the great changing transit of the Sun from the sign Virgo into the Sign of Leo. Here, we refer to the actual not the "apparent," transit of the sun. The Sun is currently, and will be for many years, in the sign of Pisces, which is why the annual new moon in Pisces horoscope begins each year.

Also, the houses which both Saturn and Jupiter aspect at any given time present us with the houses receiving the strongest influence and where we need to expand (Jupiter) and focus in on that houses' life lessons (Saturn). As we go to print on September 1st 2009, we see in the example below that both Saturn and Jupiter aspect the house and sign Taurus. Whatever house number that becomes for the chart in question is the house with major influence by transit. Read Complete Light Notes

email: editor@acvaonline.org

Monthly Planetary Tips

Planetary Tips September 1st to October 1st 2009

Every month, as the ACVA news observes the sidereal month's changing of signs, we use the current location of the US Capital, Washington, DC.

Sept 1st, 2009 We begin the month - Mars in its enemy Mercury's sign of Gemini, in the often difficult Rahu ruled star of Ardra. Although Mars' is in Gemini, at least its ruler, Mercury is an exalted Mercury sitting in Hasta , still Mercury receives the aspect of its enemy, Mars and they both travel at 10 degrees! Mars in air and Mercury in earth will continue the fires and earthquakes. Ketu and Venus in Cancer, who now by degree are moving away from each other. (Ketu and Rahu are always   Read Complete SeptemberTips

Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

Labor Day Retreat on Inner Tantric Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology

Dennis M. Harness, PhD will be speaking at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm for the Inner Tantric Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology Conference in Grass Valley, CA. The conference runs from September 3rd through the 7th, Dr. Harness will be speaking Sunday the 6th. His talk is "Case Studies on Recovery."

Other featured speakers will include Dr. David Frawley, Yogini Shambhavi, Dr. Marc Halpern, Komilla Sutton, James Kelleher, Pandit Samavedula, Durga (Catherine O'Neill), Krishna Darshan, Ambika (Jennifer Andrews) and Swami Sitaramananda.

Workshop - Ronnie Gale Dreyer and Komilla Sutton - Septmber 12 and 13 2009
New York City

This is a one of a kind workshop so do try to attend. If you cannot, there will be the MP3 recording available.

Komilla and Ronnie will each do a class every day and each of them will comment and add to the other's presentation. The topics constitute a wide variety or techniques, both natal and mundane. These are also topics that are not usually tackled at conferences or in astrology books. You can sign up for the weekend, or for just one day.

Email: ronnie@ronniedreyer.com

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Webinar Information

Saturday September 12, 2009 at Noon, EST: The September webinar features Sadasiva; the title is Evolution of Consciousness Through the Four Aims of Life and The Bhavas"

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October 10th: Vedic Astologer Juliana Swanson will present her webinar on Saturday the 10th at Noon, EST. The topic will be Fine Tuning Astrological Analysis and Predictions with the Bhava Kundali (House Chart).

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