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Inside This IssueSeptember 2011 Presidents Letter by WIlliam Levacy
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Autumn News


On September 23 in the northern hemisphere, night and day will be nearly of the same length. The Sun will cross the celestial equator moving southward (in the northern hemisphere). As you look out
now each day at the horizon, either to the East in the morning or to the West in the afternoon, you will see the Sun rise and set a little bit more to the south each day, until it reaches its southernmost point on the horizon, appears to stop and turn and then proceeds moving north again. If you have the time and a clear view of the horizon, it is a fun and educational exercise to watch how the Sun moves each day to the south. This is what the ancient star gazers did. Of course in the northern hemisphere, Autumn symbolizes the return of bounty and rich harvest.

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ACVA Online Info - Nancy Dietz

2011 Fall Events

23 Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
28 Sharadiya Navaratri-Nine Days of Mother Divine Begins

06 Vijaya Dashami-Victory Day
11 Full Moon 22:06 EDT
25 Dhavantari Jayanti-Ayurveda Day
26 Diwali-Maha Lakshmi

06 Daylight Savings Time ends
10 Full Moon 15:16 EST
30 Skanda Shasti-Subramaniya Day

10 Dattatreya Jayanti
10 Full Moon 09:36 EST
10 Total Lunar Eclipse 9:06 to 9:57 EST
23 Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
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By: Angela Pennington

Students of Jyotish frequently have challenges with the concept of the natural and functional status of a planet. The purpose of this article is to clearly explain these concepts to our beginning students.

The "Natural" status of a planet never changes. Jupiter is a benefic planet, and will always display a certain level of positive and supportive qualities. Saturn, a malefic, will always present a level of challenge or obstacles.

How a planet actually operates in an individual chart is called the "Functional" or "Temporal" status of a planet. This changes according to house rulership. Basically, by Lagna.

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Featured Jyotishi - Vaughn Paul Manley

Vaughn Paul ManleyI have been practicing Vedic astrology professionally since 1992, and feel incredibly honored to work with this great science of Jyotish. Next year it will be 20 years and I can honestly say I’m still as hooked and fascinated by Jyotish as when I started. To say something that adds insight into a person’s life is very rewarding. Also to write an article and do some small part to make a principle clear to students is also equally rewarding. So I can truly say I love my work!

Over the years I’ve tried to develop a website that provides some kind of
service to the Jyotish community. I started by producing a few articles, a monthly ephemeris, and a discussion board. Now after six years I've accumulated over Read Complete Article

The Most Important Things
I Have Learned About Astrology

By: Vic Di Cara

Thinking Outside The Box
If you really want to think outside of a box, first of all you must thoroughly know the dimensions and location of that box! Otherwise, you don’t really know if you are in or out of it. You’re not thinking outside the box, you are “all over the place.”

Are we enamored to learn “out of the box” stuff about Lilith, Neptune, Galactic Centers and what-have-you, without using or perhaps even understanding the “in the box” stuff like extra-normal planets (upagraha)? I’m not suggesting that we restrict ourselves to thinking

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What Our ACVA Learners Are Saying

This week we received a great tool – the SPICA form. I am so glad we have it. I was wondering, before, how one could possibly include all the many intricate things to take into consideration when analyzing a chart and to be sure that nothing important would be left out or forgotten. It warms my heart to know that other astrologers, more advanced on the path, can share their experience with such generosity as in taking the time to create such a tool – a gift they know the value of since they too, once, were beginners like us. They are parenting us and it feels good to be the masters’ beloved children in this realm of astrology.

Webinar Information

Over past two years ACVA Online has had the privilege to present many fine Webinars from some of the best Vedic Astrologers. These pre-recorded webinars are available in the ACVA Store. Please take the time to look over the selections offered and pick several from the list to help expand your knowledge of Jyotish.

For future webinar listings always check: http://www.acvaonline.org.

ACVA Store:
During the summer we have added New Downloadable MP3 Jyotish Lectures to the ACVA Store

Fun Facts

Did you know - A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface!

Astro Tips

Astro TipsPrasna Marga, Chapter 2, Stanzas 4, 5 and 6.

“Only humble requests deserve an answer. No prediction should be offered unasked for, nor to one who wishes to challenge the astrologer. If the astrologer attempts to answer him, he will not be able to get to the truth.”

Mystery ChartMystery Chart?
Guess the occupation:

Mystery Chart September 2011

Hint: An unusual skill in a traditional occupation
Birth date: March 23, 1940 Birth time: 23:45 (11:45 PM) MST Birth place: Sidney, Nebraska, USA, 41n08, 102w59

Send your analysis to: mysterychart@acvaonline.org
Our panel of judges will select the best and earliest response. Winner gets a Free MP3 Download from the ACVA Store

Coming Soon - Vedic Astrology Coaching

In the first quarter of 2012, ACVA will be implementing an exciting new course of studies and certification on Vedic Astrology Coaching™. ACVA's coaching model is all about creating a trusting and collaborative environment between the astrologer and the client.

It is a co-directed relationship that fosters personal development and improvement of the client's performance on any level. ACVA's breakthrough concept extends the traditional life coaching model into a new paradigm that looks at Both behavior and Vedic astrology timing to create new possibilities for the client.

Some of the key concepts of astrologer-client coaching relationship in the VAC™ model are:

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