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Inside This IssueFall 2013 President's Message by WIlliam Levacy, Ph.D.
Prince George Alexander Louis' Birth

Fall Celebrations

Memories of Saraswati Puja

Vedic Astrology Coaching

First VAC Graduates

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Astrological Assessement, Timing, and Life Coaching The American College of Vedic Astrology™ has launched it's innovative program called, "Vedic Astrology Coaching™" or VAC.

The VAC program fills a gap in the vast field of Vedic astrological chart interpretation. The effectiveness of working as a consulting Vedic astrologer has been assumed, up to this point, to naturally emerge from learning the astrological techniques and processes alone. However, in a review of Vedic astrology instruction around the world, there is a lack of structured, standardized, and empirically tested best practices for consulting Vedic astrologers.
Astrological practitioners and scholars, while knowledgeable, even gifted, in the techniques of Vedic astrology, may not know how best to serve as advisors or coaches to the unique population of Vedic astrology clients. The purpose of ACVA's breakthrough Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) model is to provide practitioners of Vedic astrology with the consulting techniques, strategies, and approaches that are based on established Vedic astrology guidance as well as life coaching practices.

Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) helps the client to efficiently determine the right actions at the right time.

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 Lagna Nakshatra or Rasi Nakshatra?

The American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA) eNewsletter articles attempt to look at the mechanics of Jyotish in new ways, built on the foundation of ancient principles. Kalyana Varma, author of Saravali, makes a note that you can judge a chart from the stronger of the Rasi Lagna or Moon, and also suggests per some, that one could make a judgment from the Lagna Nakshatra as well. The following article by Dr. Karina Weil, ACVA Level II graduate, highlights this approach.

 Prince George Alexander Louis' Birth
By: By Karina Weil, DM

Every household glows anew with joy and hope whenever a child is born. Such a light swept across the world frontiers when the birth of Prince George was announced. In a matter of minutes, thousands of fingers began tapping on keyboards located diametrically distant from Paddington, London. Although they neither shared the same nationality nor the same profession, the minds that moved them had the same thoughts in common: What is the baby prince going to be like? What life experiences await him? What does the future have in store for this soul?

The Purpose of this Article

By virtue of already being a public figure at such a tender age, Prince George is having and will continue to have his birth chart bethe object of much analysis and scrutiny in the years to come. It is not the purpose of this article, however, to peekinto the baby prince's chart with view to make predictions about his prospective life. The reason is two-fold: Firstly, many traditional Indian astrologers follow a tradition of refraining from reading a child's chart until he or she is 12 years old.The human glance when cast upon the hereafter is intrinsically fraught with apprehension, which, by the very principle of attraction, inevitably casts a shadow of gloom and imagined fears upon a tender seed that is striving towards the light. Secondly, Jyotish is a divine science whose essence is to empower us by showing our human connection with the divine cosmic creation, and Read More

Fall Celebrations and Special Events

September 8Ganesh Chaturthi: Ganesh’s birthday
September 19Full Moon (04:13am PDT)
September 22Autumn Equinox (1:44 pm PDT)
October 5-13Nine Days of Mother Divine – Navaratri
October 13Saraswati (Ayuda) Puja - Mahanavami
October 14Vijaya Dashami – Victory Day
October 18Full Moon (04:38 pm PDT)
November 1Dhanvantari Jayanti – Celebration of Ayurveda
November 3Diwali
November 3Total Solar Eclipse (04:50 am PST)
November 17Full Moon (07:16am PST)

Memories of Saraswati Puja (Ayudha Puja)
By Shoba Mohan
ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach™

Growing up in India, we always looked forward to this time of year. This was when many annual festivals were celebrated, and more importantly, we had the most holidays from school! This period lasted from Navaratri to Diwali.

These festivals are celebrated all over India, though each region practices them in their own way. Dushera is also called Vijaya Dashami, and Ayudha puja is the same as Saraswati Puja or Maha Navami, and Diwali , Deepavali are different names for the festival of lights. Read Complete Article

ACVA Programs Enroll Now!

In the face of global competition and increased expectations for excellence, Vedic astrology professionals are seeking the American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA) Level I and Level II Certification designation. Astute astrologers and their clients know that the ACVA credential helps to differentiate themselves in the broad field of Jyotish, as it is called in India. Offered by the ACVA Certification Institute, ACVA Level I and Level II are the premier credentials for those in the field of Vedic astrology. Join the company of elite professionals who have already earned the designations by registering today at admin@acvaonline.org

Read More About ACVA Programs Learn about our online class modules and our three unique approaches to your Vedic studies.

First VAC Graduates

Congratulations to ACVA’s FIRST graduating class in Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC). The first classes had the following students Shoba Mohan, Angela Pennington, Gary Gomes and Ki Kosut. Read their comments and profiles.

ALFA ACVA’s New Facebook Community

Join us for Fun, Friendship, and Knowledge

ACVA is now providing an on-going discussion group and support network for all ACVA Learners, Friends, and Alumni (Instructors, too) --ALFA. This is a special Facebook group for the ACVA community. If you are a Learner or former Learner of ACVA (or a friend and supporter) and have not received an invitation to join, please send a message and we will greet you at the door!. admin@acvaonline.org

Topics discussed: Jyotish and all relevant subjects. Including, Spirituality, Sacred Text, Myths and
Astronomy, Tips on Running a Jyotish Practice and related topics.

We will post information about upcoming Webinars, Events and Classes at ACVA. In addition, we will post any free ACVA/ALFA member related events online. ALFA - ACVA Learners Friends Alumni If you’d like to join, email us at admin@acvaonline.org

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