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American College of Vedic Astrology October Newsletter

Juliana Swanson Interview by Charlotte BensonInside This Issue

Juliana Swanson

Charlotte: I know how busy you are, Juliana, so thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

Juliana Swanson: I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Charlotte: Here's my usual conversation starter: how did you discover astrology? Were you born with an ephemeris in your hand?

Juliana: (laughter) My parents were sort of Bohemian. They shared many of their eclectic interests with my siblings and me, and always encouraged intellectual curiosity and self-exploration. They were really interested in philosophy, mysticism, comparative religion, and alternative health. And so, my parents were my earliest inspirations in the search for truth.

Then, we used to vacation in Virginia Beach - and I had an early exposure to the largest metaphysical library in North America, almost 60,000 volumes, at The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). I was able to study astrology there from a very young age - just reading, on my own. My mother also dabbled in astrology, and had my chart professionally done, when I was a young teenager. And there was so much information that resonated, that I knew I had to keep learning.

Charlotte: So, then, like many of your contemporaries, your first exposure was to Western Astrology.

Juliana: Yes. Then very early on, I discovered Sidereal Astrology through the works of Cyril Fagan, Donald Bradley, and Rupert Gleadow.

Charlotte: Oh yes! I loved those guys in my early days, too. Read More of the Juliana Swanson Interview
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Light Notes - Christina Collins
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Our ACVA Online Program's live October Webinar:

Juliana Swanson,

October 10, 2009
Noon, EDT

"Fine Tuning Astrological Analysis and Predictions with the Bhava Kundali (House Chart)"

90 minutes

This webinar will begin with a brief discussion of the nature and history of astrological house systems, followed by an overview of rashi and bhava chart construction and a delineation of the two different types of bhava charts, the Equal Bhava Chart and the Sri Pati Bhava Chart. Specific techniques and rules of interpretation will be presented along with several North Indian-style chart illustrations using the often more-preferred Equal Bhava Chart.

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Read More About Juliana in her ACVA News Interview.
November Webinar:

Christina Collins

November 14, 2009
Noon, EST

"Astrological DNA -- Medical Jyotish:" - 90 minutes

Autumn means its time to transition from Pitta programs to Vata pacifying plans. Everything is a combination of Kapha, Pitta and Vata. We find this especially true for those who live where they experience complete seasonal changes. Every sign exhibits the dosha qualities. Each planet has a dominant quality. Each sign has an associated quality. Christina will cover the medical astrological basics; and also present the Medical Drekkana, which are associated with the 36 Drekkana of a Natal chart. Medical issues are such high profile now, as "baby boomers," are aging and epidemics are flourishing. Don't miss this one!

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Christina Collins Interview
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Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

In the Fall, in many countries, we dress up to lift up and laugh for Halloween! Well, this reminds me of a story – years ago (more than 20) I used to host “Planet Parties” for my students. We would choose a planet, have the party on that planet’s day, dress in the color of the planet, and bring food that belonged to the taste ruled by a particular planet.

One Friday night, on Venus’ day, I gave a party to teach my newest students the planets. Everyone was supposed to wear white or silver for Venus, to dress as beautifully as possible, and bring food with the sour taste, (Venus rules the sour taste.) We had lemon pie, Italian salad dressing, a lemon cake and a vegetarian sweet/sour vegetable dish.

As people arrived, it was beginning to feel like a wedding with everyone arriving in white. (Venus rules love, wife, worldly possessions. Jupiter of course rules the marriage itself and is karaka (significator) for husband.) Then, my late dear friend Kayanne (a very picky Virgo rising who only wore black, with certain shades of green) arrives clothed head to toe in BLACK! I said, “Kayanne, this is a VENUS party! Where is your white?” She handed me a Kiwi and Strawberry Key Lime Tart, and said, “Saturn is a friend of Venus, so I am wearing Black, so that Venus does not have to have a party without friends!” Spoken like a true Venus in Libra person!

Needless to say, my students never, never forgot that Venus and Saturn are friends! Mercury is the other friend of Venus and Saturn. - Read the complete October Light Notes


Monthly Planetary Tips

Planetary Tips October 1st to November 1st 2009

Every month, as the ACVA news observes the sidereal month's changing of signs, we use the current location of the US Capital, Washington, DC.

October 1st Saturn, now in Virgo certainly seems to be shaking everyone up these days! Actually what we are experiencing is change. Like the moving of a house from one foundation, next door to another foundation. The "shaking," effect such as the increase of earthquakes, and their magnitude, increases by the transit of Mars in Gemini in Ardra nakshatra, throwing its 4th aspect on Saturn. Mars has a special dristi or aspect, it influences the house it is transiting in, the 4th, and 8th houses from its position. (All planets in Jyotish aspect the 7th house from where it is posited). The further Mars moves in Longitude the more it throws its aspect ahead of the degree of Saturn, who is still in the very early degrees of Virgo.  Read Complete October Tips

Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

So many people are writing with questions about this change of Saturn into Virgo and how it will affect their chart, and what to expect. The best answer, is of course to consult with your astrologer to see how it specifically affects your personal chart. In general, we can relay how it affects specific signs and other planets. (synthesis comes from a consultation). This a post I made and one I received from my Facebook page: (under Christina Collins Hill if your would like to “friend,” me )

999!!! Sidereal Saturn is now in the process of changing signs from Leo to Virgo. In Colorado Saturn will be in Virgo, tomorrow, Wednesday 9/9/09 at 12:29:22 (just past noon). Put off major decisions, if possible until Saturn has a degree in Virgo which will be 9/17/09 after 3pm.

Question: Wow - does this mean that the stock market would do better now? (5th house Leo)

My answer would be a yes in General. In the natural zodiac (which means starting with Aries) the 5th house, along with deep meditation rules the stock market and investments. What you do for fun, and for the long term. So, in General, Saturn, the restrictor, moving away from house 5 where it throws its 10th aspect on Taurus, house 2 and its 3rd aspect on Libra ruled by Venus one of the Karakas for wealth - the energy of restriction begins to lift in GENERAL. For an in-depth answer, of course we must look to the individual chart. What is the 5th house sign and where is the ruler, and what house number is the Leo house for a given person? Is Saturn a malefic for your individual chart? Or, is it a functional benefic, by virtue of owning good houses?

Each item needs to be addressed by yourself or a Competent personal astrologer.

Send ACVA News Letters to editor@acvaonline.org

Monthly Yoga Tips

October Yoga Tip

Vyagrasana - The Tiger Stretch Pose

Many yoga poses take inspiration from the observing the way animals move and stretch especially when getting up from a nap. Vyagrasana is a natural yogic pose to follow Marjariasana (cat stretch pose). In warming up and creating flow of energy in the body - it is important - Read More - October Yoga Tip

Webinar Information

The October webinar features Juliana Swanson on Saturday October 10, 2009 at Noon, EDT. the title is Fine Tuning Astrological Analysis and Predictions with the Bhava Kundali (House Chart).

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In November the live webinar will be presented by Christina Collins on Saturday November 14, 2009 at Noon, EST.the title is Astrological DNA -- Medical Jyotish.

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