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American College of Vedic Astrology November Newsletter

Dennis Flaherty InterviewInside This Issue

Dennis Flaherty

Charlotte: Thanks for making time to reveal a little about yourself, and about your life as a Jyotishi, Dennis. You are one of the busiest people I know - managing a full time consulting business, teaching Jyotish, and being a hands-on Dad to a large family! How did you get started on the Jyotish path?

Dennis: I became interested in the world of Astrology when I was 15 years old, with the only books available to me at that time - which were those of Evangeline Adams. I then advanced to the works of authors of humanistic Astrology, when I was 18 - 19 years old. I began my formal study of Astrology, in the greater Boston area, in 1968 or 1969.

Because of certain configurations in my chart, I am interested in philosophy and Astrology.

Charlotte: Sounds like a wonderful yoga in your chart.

Dennis: Yes - a Saraswati yoga in my 9th house. This gives me interest in Theology, Epistemology, Etymology and Musical theory. I'm an Irish tenor!

Charlotte: Oh - how fun - I did not know that about you, Dennis!

Dennis: Yes, I was even contemplating a career in music - such is the nature of Saraswati yogas. They have to do with the inspired word - which is poetry, which is shruti - which is what I do in Astrology; and of course music - well enough to inspire people. Hopefully, as astrologers, we make the chart come alive, in an inspiring manner - that is shruti - "that which is heard." The oral tradition.

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Our ACVA Online Program's live December Webinar:

Dennis Flaherty

December 12, 2009
Noon, EST

"Mars: Self Determinism in the Cult of Speed" - 90 minutes

Dressed in red, with a red body, who has four arms, the son of the earth, whose vehicle is a ram, who carries a trident, a spear and a mace in his hands, with a coral crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that gives boons, may divine Mars ever grant us grace."

So, goes the invocation to Mars, whom many astrologers consider to be one of the greater malefic grahas, due to the heraldry of weapons in his capable hands.

Therefore, Mars must be examined carefully for his malfeasance, and his magnificence, for when he brings his results he brings them suddenly. Mars hands are quicker than our eyes as his shock and awe are worshipped in the cult of speed.

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January Webinar:

Sat Siri Khalsa

January 9, 2010
Noon, EST

"What are Rasi Dristis and Why are They Important?" - 120 minutes

The webinar will explain the significance, power, and pervading presence of the aspects from sign to sign in the zodiac. Using horoscopes of famous people as well as looking at current transits and the upcoming Kumbha Mela, the celebration of Jupiter in Aquarius, we will come to a deeper understanding of this most important of dristis, or visions, for that is what the Sanskrit word for aspect implies. If they are not important, why does Parashara teach about sign aspects even before mentioning planetary aspects? We will see the geometry that accounts for them and the spiritual principles that explain them. The rasi dristis link the actual natural realities of our lives, while the graha dristis show the things we only desire and may or may not obtain.

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Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

Winter Solstice Time To Go Within

Winter Season brings a slowing down both in light levels and in our energy levels.

Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year with reference to the level of light. Or, the very middle of Winter.

It is Jnana energetically, moving from liveliness into the more contemplative, and silent energy of Winter. A very good time to meditate. Read the complete December Light Notes


Monthly Planetary Tips

Planetary Tips December 1st 2009 to January 1st 2010

Every month, as the ACVA news observes the sidereal month's changing of signs, we use the current location of the US Capital, Washington, DC.

We begin the month of December with the Moon just entering exaltation in 00’26 Taurus, the Sidereal Sun in Scorpio (Anurada) vargottoma, Mercury sandi at 29’16 Scorpio, Venus in 5’06 Scorpio and Mars in 23’26 of Cancer. Rahu & Ketu at 27’48 Sagittarius and Gemini respectively and vargottoma, Jupiter at 26’56 Capricorn, and Saturn at 9’00 Virgo.

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Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

Dear Christina

Neechabhanga for debilitated retrograde planets is one of many complex issues facing Vedic astrologers who are constantly confronted with countless often contradictory rules. I have heard so many opinions about retrograde and read so many rules about neecha Bhanga that I am sure I will never remember a quarter of them. I have a couple books by the brilliant Komilla Sutton that have taught me so much but which nonetheless contain some rules that seem rather odd to me. For example, there is the rule that exalted retrograde planets become debilitated and debilitated retrograde planets become exalted. Not that I am any match for Komilla but I think we have to guard against what can be a fundamental error in our approach to all these rules. The planets do not follow our rules! We have invented all these complex rules in an attempt to understand planetary behavior. I remember working on a particularly complicated situation in a chart and asked my teacher what the applicable rules were. He answered "Forget the rules. The chart is an energy pattern. Feel the planets."

This is really not that difficult to do since the planets are archetypes. Planets feel and behave like people and people feel and behave like planets. In my evening meditation I invoked the appropriate mantras and prayers and did my best to become a planet. I saw before me 12 houses. Two of them I owned and felt very comfortable there. There was a third house that was dark, dingy and had a very hostile feel to it. I felt very uncomfortable and drained of my energy there. Then there was a fourth house, a veritable palace where I felt exhilarated and also quite important. I was king there. There was even a certain point in that palace where my throne stood. Sitting in this throne I was untouchable and unbeatable.

Now I imagined myself walking backwards through my palace. That certainly changed things. It changed my direction, my momentum, my perspective and my confidence.. Walking backwards was certainly more difficult. I could have stumbled. I felt nervous and snapped at my servants. But I was also somehow empowered. I was forced to concentrate more and everything became more intense. However aside from these changes, one thing did not change. I was still in my palace! I hadn´t been suddenly transported to that scary house in the ghetto.. As I walked backwards through this marvelous house, there came a point where I approached my throne and that felt really good. The worst of it all was when I neared the threshold to the next house and had to "change boats" going backwards.

I could have repeated this excercise in my sign of fall, no doubt with corresponding results. Even if I had been in a Kendra, with Dik Bala, conjunct the house lord aspected by the lord of the ninth house and the ascendant lord etc. I would still have been in my house of fall. I would have felt their support but the house still would have had its effect on me. And going backwards would not have made me king there. Now, maybe I just have a strong misguided imagination, but MY rule for neechabhanga is that such a thing doesn´t exist.

Om Namah Shivaya


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Monthly Yoga Tips

December Yoga Tip

Virabhadrasana I Pose:

This pose begins the favorite Warrior series dedicated to Virabhadra, commander of Shiva's army so the story goes. Born from a lock of Shiva's hair, Virabhadra was created to avenge Sati's death. Statues of Virabhadra are primarily found in Southern India in Shiva temples. In Kerala, Bhadrakali, the auspicious and fortunate form of Kali, is the consort of Virabhadra. And so, as with many of the yoga poses, the names reveal the essential nature of what is being stimulated by doing the pose. This is a pose that generates heat, requiring tapasya commonly translated as discipline, in order to scorch or destroy the seeds of samskaras. - Read Complete - December Yoga Tip

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