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Inside This IssueDecember 2012 Presidents Letter by WIlliam Levacy, Ph.D.
Announcing Dr. Levacy

Dancing with the Winter Solstice

Regenerative Force of Saturn

Vedic Astrology Coaching Program

Vedic Astrology Coaching

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About Mula


At this time of the Winter Solstice, on December 21 for the northern hemisphere, the earth, Sun, and the galactic equator come into a type of
alignment, depending on where the imprecisely defined boundaries of the Milky Way are marked. In 2012, there have been many interpretations of Mayan history and speculation about the impact of changes on this time. Vedic cosmology does not proclaim anything similar to some interpretations of the end of the Mayan calendar.

However, there are many interesting corresponding details in Vedic history and myth. If we peer a bit into the history of Mula nakshatra, where the Winter Solstice occurs now, we

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William R. Levacy Receives Doctorate in Education

On Oct 17, 2012, American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA) president, William R. Levacy received his Ph.D. in Education with Distinction from Capella University. Dr. Levacy's doctoral specialization is in Human Performance Improvement (HPI). HPI emphasizes that we must look at performance within the context of a system and in regards to all of the interdependent factors that affect that performance. HPI also recognizes that it is necessary to look at the factors that impact the results that people produce. In HPI people are at the heart of any analysis. Dr. Levacy tells us that human

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Take an ACVA Online Class!
Classes forming monthly. Contact info@acvaonline.org for latest class dates

“I am still in awe of all that I received and experienced during these past three weeks at ACVA Online, in terms of knowledge, my instructor’s total dedication, self-awareness as an astrologer and
coach, and from my sharp classmates. In these last two years with ACVA, I have improved not only as a professional but as a person as well thanks to the example of our guides, Jyotishis extraordinaire." - ACVA Level II Learner

Happy Holidays from The American College of Vedic Astrology

Dancing with the Winter Solstice

By Ki Kosut

The rhythm of the winter solstice is slow and inward. It is a sacred time for reflection and repose. The slowing down allows the body to build Ojas, which is the subtle energy of Kapha.

The winter solstice is the jump board, which ignites the growth and repair mechanism allowing us to build our annual Ojas. It is a time to stay indoors in the evenings, enjoying a warm cup of spicy organic yogi tea by the fire, after a day's work.

The fall and the early winter are the seasons of the Vata dosha. Vata is associated with the end of the life cycle, as happens in the fall when the leaves begin to fall off of the tree and food is harvested and the fields go fallow. Vata begins to accumulate when the season becomes dry, but the weather is still warm. As the temperature drops and the weather becomes cooler, but is still dry, Vata aggravates, such as in late fall and early winter.

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The Regenerative Force Saturn

By Angels Pennington

Thoughts of Saturn conjure images of death, darkness, grief and disease. Parasara's 3, 29 has described Saturn; "Saturn has an emaciated and tall physique, honey colored eyes, is windy in temperament, has large teeth, is lazy, lame, and has coarse hair". In Western astrology, Saturn is usually depicted as a very old man, carrying a scythe, hour glass or flame. Death is inevitable, and Saturn rules longevity. He constricts and withdraws, degenerating the body and propelling the mind into despair.

The movements of Saturn are slow and methodical, crushing and clearing anything obstructing our Dharma. The "Sat Graha", planet of Truth. In BPHS Chapter 3, 14-15, the planetary cabinet association is Servant, implying Saturn is directed. Personal accountability becomes the focus. We are a creation of our family and ancestral experiences. Behaviors and attitudes passed down through generations are ingrained in our subconscious minds. Truth is subjective unless it's generating from the higher self. By turning our thoughts -

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Become a Certified Vedic Astrology Coach™!

Learn the techniques and practices of Life Coaching to enhance your astrology practice The purpose of ACVA’s breakthrough Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC™) model is to provide practitioners of Vedic astrology with the consulting techniques, strategies, and approaches that are based on established instructional design as well as consulting and life coaching practices.

The ACVA VAC™ model contains three major components for astrological consulting efficacy (a) astrological knowledge, including the birth chart and other astrological assessment techniques, (b) how to deliver that knowledge, and (c) the formation of a co-operative partnership with the client based on the knowledge of Vedic astrology and Life Coaching. Learn More

What our Learners are Saying about ACVA's Vedic Astrology Coaching™ Program"
The innovative idea of combining astrology and coaching is simply brilliant in that it opens up new doors for both the astrologer and client. The continuing and deeper levels of interaction that result allows the astrologer to do full justice to the sacred science of Jyotish." - KW, ACVA VAC Learner

 Winter 2012 Mystery Chart

You will have to use the link to view the complete Winter Mystery Chart information for this ACVA ENews to be able to use your skills as a Vedic astrologer to answer the question about this season’s mystery chart. The prize of a free download of an MP3 recording from the ACVA Store is awarded to the first correct answer emailed to editor@acvaonline.org. Be sure to give the reasoning for your choice. With the advent of the internet we encourage you to try not to rely too much on your advanced Google skills to seek your answer!

See Complete Information and Charts

Chart Details: This person had a least two serious health events in life. Can you identify specifically what you think they were along with the reasons for your choice?

Fall Mystery Chart Winner Congratulations to Jen Riddle who correctly identified the chart belonging to actor John Travolta. There is more information on the Mystery Chart page.

Writers Wanted - Share Your Knowledge. The quarterly ACVA eNewsletter invites article contributions from current learners, friends and alumni. If you love Vedic astrology and writing, you'll want to take advantage of this chance to enhance your skills (and let people know more about you). ACVA ALFA writers are not expected to be experts. Other learners would love to hear your viewpoints and the wonderful things you've learned at ACVA. Come join our writing team! Please contact editor@acvaonline.com for more details. Angela Pennington, Editor, ACVA eNews

Special Events In The Wintertime

28 - Full Moon
JANUARY -- 2013
01 –New Year
03 – Perihelion. Earth is closest to Sun for the year
11 – New Moon
14 – Makara Sankranti
15 – Rahu (True) enters Libra; Ketu (True) enters Aries
26 – Full Moon
31 – Jupiter goes direct in Taurus
09 - New Moon
FEB Continued
15 -- Vasant Panchami: Saraswati's Day
19 - Saturn goes retrograde in Libra
24 - Mercury Retrograde
25 - Full Moon
10 - Night of Shiva: Maha Shivaratri
11 - New Moon
17 - Mercury Direct
20 - Vernal Equinox
27 - Full Moon
31 -- Holi

ACVA Board 2013

Dr. Bill Levacy

Board Memebers

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