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September 2009 Light Notes

By Christina Collins

09/09/09 Saturn is moving!
from Leo to Virgo

From Leo to Virgo

Saturn will leave its almost three year sojourn in fiery Leo for a cooler stay in its good friend Mercury’s sign of Virgo on September 9th. Fortunate for Taurus people, as their yogkaraka is now traveling in a trine and friends’ sign.

Also good, for some Scorpio people, for even though Saturn is an enemy of Mars, Mars does exalt in Saturn’s sign, and the eleventh house transit of Saturn is considered the very best upachaya for the transit of Saturn. Upachayas are 3, 6, 10 and 11 – houses who improve over time, and the 11th is the house of gains.

I often pay attention to this particular transit myself, (believe it or not, I have astrologically observed Saturn go around the zodiac almost twice) because of something my grandfather taught me.

He was born in 1918 and studied the work of Stowe and Biblical Astrology. An age, or the transit of the Sun through a sign takes about 29,000 years and he told me the Sphinx (half woman, half lion) was built to celebrate the great changing transit of the Sun from the sign Virgo into the Sign of Leo. Here, we refer to the actual not the “apparent,” transit of the sun. The Sun is currently, and will be for many years, in the sign of Pisces, which is why the annual new moon in Pisces horoscope begins each year.

Also, the houses which both Saturn and Jupiter aspect at any given time present us with the houses receiving the strongest influence and where we need to expand (Jupiter) and focus in on that houses’ life lessons (Saturn). As we publish on September 1st 2009, we see in the example below below that both Saturn and Jupiter aspect the house and sign Taurus. Whatever house number that becomes for the chart in question is the house with major influence by transit.

September Light Notes Saturn is Moving Leo to VirgoSeptember Light Notes Saturn is Moving Leo to Virgo

After this change occurs, the Virgo house, will be the focus house in play. Note also, that when this change happens, not only is Jupiter aspecting Saturn, but by transit it is deposited by Saturn. Therefore, we should see improvements in many arenas, as Saturn will be more happy in the sign of Mercury, than it is in the sign of the Sun!

So lets think about the effects on different signs. First take the essence of Saturn – the planet of deep focus, Saturn restricts. Then, the essence of Jupiter, the planet of wisdom – Jupiter expands. When they operate in tandem, they come to a center place, a place of expanded focus. So, as we read from the rising, and the moon rising (Lagna and Chandra lagna) signs:
  • Aries – Virgo is house number 6 – focus on individual health, younger siblings, communication and service to others.

  • Taurus – Virgo is house number 5 – focus on children, investments, protecting earning or savings, love concerns, sports and meditation. Saturn’s 3rd aspect influences the marriage house as well. Saturn is a friend to Taurus – so marriage prospects could arise, if the dasa is concurrent.

  • Gemini – Virgo is house number 4 – focus on home, vehicles, fixed assets, education. Gemini will feel more stable and less “air headed” or Vata under this transit, as Saturn also aspects Gemini as an ascendant, and do more Karma Yoga - service to others - as the 3rd aspect of Saturn aspects Scorpio the 6th house for Gemini.

  • Cancer – Virgo is house number 3 – focus on communication, siblings, and courage or overcoming fears. Saturn aspects the 12th, Gemini for Cancer this is a time to increase retreat attendance. Saturn 3rd aspects on Scorpio influences the 5th house for Cancer. This creates a need to pay attention to children, meditation and investments.

  • Leo – Virgo is house number 2 – focus on family, self earned wealth creation, and dental health. Leo will begin to feel some relief as Saturn moves away from the sign of the Sun. And Saturn's aspect on the sign Gemini is Leo's house of gains stabilizing cash flow.

  • Virgo – Virgo is house number ONE – so the sadi sati (7 and ˝ year transit of Saturn) of the lagna, or the moon is taking place. Play specific attention to the degree of the Virgo ascendant or moon. Focus on the self, self discovery, personal health, marriage, partnerships and career matters.

  • Libra – Virgo is house number 12. Saturn will beginning the sadi sati of this sign as it enters the 12th house from Libra (Sadi Sati is the 12th house from the moon, or lagna, the house of the moon or lagna, and the house after or 2nd house from the moon or lagna. This is generally not so challenging for Libra, and produces self reflection and a desire to go inward in the 12th (the house of Moksha, enlightenment and recluse activity) Still, Saturn is moving ever closer to its sign of exaltation, and the closer it gets by degree the more we see improvements in this transit.

  • Scorpio –Virgo is house number 11. Saturn will be in the very good and most desired 11th transit in the house of gains, older siblings and cash flow – but for Scorpio, Saturn will also throw its 3rd aspect on this sign – slowing the Scorpio person down. Anurada nakshatra, ruled by Saturn will find this harmonic, as will Jyestha as they are respectively ruled by Saturn, and Saturn’s friend Mercury. The Jupiter ruled and neutral by association, Nakshatra of Vishaka will often feel a bit restricted by this influence.

  • Sagittarius - Virgo is house number 10. Saturn will be in the career house for this sign in earthy Virgo. This will “ground,” the Sagittarius person, who should focus on rooting, building and achieving. Especially if the ascendant is in Mula – the nakshatra of new beginnings, a handful of roots – establishing the new.

  • Capricorn - Virgo is house number 9. It is a spiritual time for Capricorn as Saturn moves out of the 8th house of inner contemplation and transcendence into the manifesting 9th house of destiny, and the focus should be on dharma, life purpose, the Father, Guru or Preceptor. Especially as Saturn from Virgo, also aspects Gemini, the 6th house of service (and 10th from the 9th – the service of the dharma. This is why the 6th house is referred to as the house of service. Additionally, Jupiter for the beginning of Saturn’s transit, aspects Virgo, the 9th as well. And, for the Capricorn, Jupiter is ruler of the 12th – enlightenment and the 3rd – communications.

  • Aquarius – Virgo is house number 8. Saturn will be posited in the 8th house Virgo, while Jupiter transits Capricorn in the 12th – so now the focus goes to a less social and more inward time. Abdominal health should be examined and diet for resilience and immunity should be followed.

  • Pisces – Virgo is house number 7. Saturn will aspect Pisces by opposition, and of course transit in the 7th house of partnerships and marriage. It is the time to build and reinforce held values and to avoid neglect of the husband, wife or partners due to other focus on fixed assets, education, or dharma and life purpose. This often occurs in this transit of Saturn in Virgo, for as it aspects the 7th house by position, it also aspects the 4th house, and the 9th house for Pisces.
In addition of course observe the other houses in play, the house that is both 3rd, 7th and 10th from the position of Saturn (Scorpio Pisces and Gemini), and the house that posits and is 5th and 7th from Jupiter (Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus).

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