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Learners Comments Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ and Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™

I am very impressed with this program. It’s well thought out and organized. The modules are simple and short, yet contain all the needed info. The instructors were great, and everyone has been extremely helpful. I’ve had a lot of experience with institutions of education, and this is definitely the best I’ve had.

I am still in awe of all that I received and experienced during these past three weeks at ACVA Online, in terms of knowledge, my instructor’s total dedication, self-awareness as an astrologer and coach, and from my sharp classmates. In these last two years with ACVA, I have improved not only as a professional but as a person as well thanks to the example of our guides, Jyotishis extraordinaire.

This week we received a great tool- the SPICA form. I am so glad we have it. I was wondering, before, how one could possibly include all the many intricate things to take into consideration when analyzing a chart and to be sure that nothing important would be left out or forgotten. It warms my heart to know that other astrologers, more advanced on the path, can share their experience with such generosity as in taking the time to create such a tool – a gift they know the value of since they too, once, were beginners like us. They are parenting us and it feels good to be the masters’ beloved children in this realm of astrology.

ACVA Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™ Learner

The ACVA Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ on-line course is exceptionally well-designed and delivered. As a student, I felt supported in every way and was confidently prepared to take the certification exam. For those who week the Self as well as a way to help others on their path, this is time very well spent.

ACVA Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ Learner

The concept that I can actually learn Vedic Astrology this way has thrilled me. I was struggling so hard with books and tapes alone.

I searched for many years for the right place to learn Jyotish seriously. It took a few twists and turns to get on the right track. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to choose ACVA and at my first day of class, I realize now how unaware I was of the new universe that was just opening to me. From the caliber of the instructors, the quality and depth of the curriculum, the pedagogical strategies used, and the timely and friendly technical support, everything contributed not only to my successful academic performance but also to my growth as a future Jyotishi because every single one of them really wanted me to succeed. I am in awe and humbly grateful to have had the opportunity to have walked and learned side by side with some of the world’s best, never feeling alone or judged. It has been one of the most auspicious and fulfilling experiences of my life. To all those serious seekers of the Science of Light, I unreservedly recommend ACVA.

ACVA continues to learn from you and adapts as needed!

Recent responses from our learners, to our online request to ‘Feel free to give constructive feedback on the material, organization, instructor, online technology’:

Greetings! Thank you for asking for feedback. I am enjoying the content and learning very much! I am also looking forward to connecting with the instructor.

I am really enjoying learning about this, it feels like I’m starting an adventure. I have a newfound appreciation for the planets.

I have very much enjoyed the first part of the class. Despite my being not very tech savvy, this class has been easy to navigate, the material very interesting and understandable, and my instructor is a Goddess! Thank you making Jyotish so fun to learn!

When I started out with Astrology as a hobby, I thought only planets were important and made all the difference. Then I learnt gradually the zodiac signs were important too and made a lot of difference. And now I see the Nakshatras are equally important and make a LOT of difference too! 🙂

I love how you teach in the ancient method of asking yet more questions in order to get the juices flowing in our brains; to bring our curiosity to life. Teachers in general need to do that more often.

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