Tutor Selection

Who Should Use ACVA Approved Tutoring?
All ACVA learners can use this independent fee-based service. Tutoring is beneficial for all learners, from those who struggle with their courses to those who desire to polish their knowledge and skills with Vedic Astrology. Learners determine an hourly fee with the ACVA Approved Tutor and meet with the tutor as needed, from weekly tutoring sessions to tutoring interactions seeking answers to an occasional questions or clarification on specific topics of Vedic astrology.

How is ACVA Approved Tutoring Beneficial?
All learners can benefit from sharing their work with others, learning how their knowledge has been communicated, heard, and understood, then building on their strengths to do even better in their role as a scholar or practitioner of Vedic astrology.

  • Learners who are good at what they do and want to continue improving their knowledge, practice, and skills of Vedic Astrology
  • Learners who are struggling in their courses and need support with their learning and motivation
  • Learners who are in the beginning phases of their studies and want to refresh and/or accelerate their basic knowledge of Vedic astrology.  Learners who are toward the end of their online coursework, or might have taken a break in their studies and want to prepare to take the ACVA Online certification exam or the ACVA Test Out Exam
  • Learners who are not proficient writers or speakers of English

How Can I Contact an ACVA Approved Tutor?
Visit the ACVA Tutor Directory on the ACVA Website to see a list of ACVA Approved Tutors who can help you in your studies. These tutors have various areas of specialization in Vedic astrology as well as proficiency in general skills and knowledge of Vedic astrology. You are free to make private arrangements with a tutor of your choosing to assist you in your mastery of Vedic astrology.

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