Intro to Jyotish Course

Course Description
The emphasis of this five week webinar based introductory course is on the basic fundamentals of Vedic astrology. The course is taught online by an experienced Jyotish Online Instructor™, (JOI). This course can be arranged for presentation in your local area. Contact ACVA for more information.

Course Objective
Learn the fundamentals of Vedic astrology and how to apply them in a chart interpretation.

A desire and curiosity to know the basics of Vedic Astrology.

Target Audience
Beginners, Students of Western Astrology curious about Vedic astrology, Yoga Teachers, Ayurveda Practitioners, Meditation Instructors, Health Practitioners, Spiritual Counselors, etc.

Learning Materials
“Beneath a Vedic Sky”, by William. R. Legacy, Ph.D.

First Week

  • Astronomy and astrology
  • Geocentric, the zodiac, Calendars and Timekeeping
  • Origins of Vedic Astrology; Vedas, Cognition, Rishis, Parashara
  • The philosophy of Hyotish: Eye of the Veda, Prakriti. The three Gunas, Karma vs. Destiny, Past, Present and Future;
    Reincarnation, Dharms, Purusharthas
  • How Astrology Works: Correspondence, Cycles Above and Below
  • Qualifications of a Vedic Astrologer
  • What is a Horoscope? How Horoscopes represent the Heavens
  • Chart styles: North, South, Drawing the Chart
  • Software Programs Available
  • Chart Components: Planets, Signs, Houses (Lagns), Aspects
  • Special Vedic Features
  • Shodasavargas Dashas
  • Precession and Ayanamsa: East vs. West
  • Types of Astrology Readings: Individuals and Events
  • Types of Astrology: Natal, Relationship, Prasna, Mundane

Second Week

Planets, symbolism of the planets
The Moon and the Nakshatras

Third Week

Zodiacal signs
Planets in signs
The ascendent and the 12 houses
Planets in Houses
Vedic Aspects

Fourth Week

Intro to Chart Interpretation: Analysis and Synthesis of the chart components

Fifth Week

Intro to Vedic Forecasting: Transits and Dashas, panchanga



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