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Professional development of online instructors and overall excellence of an online institution are primary concerns for teaching quality online and hybrid classes. For maximum learner outcome and satisfaction, online faculty needs to be knowledgeable about correct online teaching methodology. As the newer learners come online more and more, having been raised on the web, increased demands are being placed for quality instruction, academic excellence, and technical know-how.

Now you can obtain the development you want as a Vedic astrology online instructor and receive the professional recognition you deserve for your knowledge as a Vedic scholar and practitioner. Become certified in the principles and application of online learning as taught by the experienced instructional developers and authorities in the field of Vedic Astrology online instruction. The American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA), with its faculty of experienced educator-astrologers, is offering the JOI designation as the leading certification for online faculty in the field of Vedic astrology online instruction.

Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ Step One: Online Registration $95.00
Level I Jyotisha Ratna™ Step Two: Module 101 Online Payment $375.00
Additional Class Payments can be made on ACVA Online Store

Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™ Step One: Online Registration $95.00
Level II Jyotisha Prabhakara™ Step Two: Module 201: Online Payment $395.00
Additional Class Payments can be made on ACVA Online Store

About the JOI designation
The American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA) Certified Jyotish Online Instructor (JOI) designation has been created to serve instructors Vedic Astrology professional who desire to gain recognition for their knowledge skills via teaching online. The JOI designation has been created by the ACVA Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) working with outstanding experts in the field of Vedic Astrology who want to expand the reach and depth of the Vedic Astrology instruction via online learning methods. Acquiring the JOI designation is validation of one’s competency to deliver Vedic Astrology instruction in an online mode. It is a voluntary educational attainment that is offered by ACVA to help increase academic excellence in the Vedic Astrology professional who wants to deliver instruction online.

Who should participate?
Any person who is teaching online or wants to learn how to best teach online should participate. The designation is relevant for faculty teaching totally online, and faculty teaching the ACVA Flex or Super-Flex courses. The JOI designation was created for faculty for the American College of Vedic Astrology, but other teachers in other organizations and in private practice are eligible for the JOI program as well.

Why should you participate?
There are two reasons why you should participate in the ACVA JOI program:
1. Demonstrate your knowledge. You can validate to others in the field of Vedic astrology instruction that your knowledge about online teaching has been certified. You can claim a standard of academic excellence and real world achievement from a learning course created by the leading developers and practitioners in the field of Vedic Astrology online instruction.
2. Document your expertise. Perhaps the biggest reward is the internal satisfaction of having achieved this level of knowledge skills.

Unique Benefits

  • The ACVA instructors leading your certification courses are the foremost authorities in Vedic Astrology online learning, the majority of who are also degreed educators.
  • You get your online teaching skills personally critiqued to ensure your mastery of online teaching skills.
  • Real learners and mentoring instructors provide feedback and comments.
  • You receive a digital certificate of your accomplishment from ACVA.
  • You earn the right to have the initials JOI after your name.
  • Your name is listed on ACVA’s certified online instructors resource page.
  • You qualify to apply to teach available online courses at ACVA Online.

Taught by the foremost authorities in Vedic Astrology online learning, such as; William R. Legacy, MA Education, Ph.D. Education: Gary Gomes, MA Education, EdD Candidate Education: Jessica Sayles, MA Education and MA Hindu Studies Vedic Astrology: Patricia Sanders, MA Education: Dennis M. Harness PhD: Angela Pennington, VAC, JOI: Shoba Mohan, MBA.

Time to Complete
Course participants should plan to spend three weeks to complete the JOI program. You have up to one year to complete the program.


  • Fill out the ACVA instructor application along with three recommendations about your skills and capacity to receive the ACVA JOI designation.
  • Complete the ACVA Online Instructor Readiness Review questionnaire.
  • Take the ACVA three core one-week JOI online training courses within one year.
  • Teach at least one online course at ACVA under the guidance of an ACVA mentor.
  • Co-teach at least one ACVA online course yourself.
  • Have you ACVA online performance critiqued.
  • ACVA Mentor evaluation.
  • ACVA Learner evaluaton.
  • ACVA Curriculum Review Board.
  • Pass a 70-question knowledge test.
  • Pass a 30 minute oral exam with the ACVA Curriculum Review Committee.

Upon completing the requirements for the aCVA Certified Online Instructor designation, you will receive:

  • A colored digital certificate issued by the American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA)
  • ACVA approval to use the initials JOI after your name
  • An article about your new designation published in the ACVA News
  • Listing of your name and JOI designation on our ACVA Certified faculty web site

ACVA JOI Course Requirements
Expectations for JOI Learners
To pass the ACVA JOI course, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in each of the three weeks of online classroom training. Make one comment to instructor and co-learners each day for five weeks.
  • Take each weekly learning check/quiz, passing grade is 80% (you may retake the quiz until you pass).

To be accepted to the JOI Certification Course, you will be expected to:

  • Submit an application to the ACVA Academic Excellence Board.
  • Successfully passing the ACVA Online Instructor Readiness Review questionnaire.
  • Submit three recommendations supporting your choice to be an online instructor.
  • Submit an essay as to why you wish to earn the JOI designation.

To pass the course, you will be expected to attend three weeks of ACVA JOI Training
Each module week will contain material comprised of:

  • Required and suggested readings
  • Class interactions with co-learners and an instructor
  • Individual and team written assignments
  • A summary of learning gained for the week
  • An evaluation of the class itself
  • Cross-evaluations of class members and of the instructor
  • A learning check (80% correct to pass-can be retaken until passed)

Final Examinations

  • Pass a 80 Question Written and a 20 minute Oral Knowledge Exam. You get two attempts at the written exam.
  • Write an essay indicating what you would like to do with your JOI certificate.

Field Work

  • Audit/observe on ACVA Online Class with an ACVA Mentor
  • Co-teach One ACVA Online Class with an ACVA Mentor
  • Have the learners and the instructor in your course evaluate/critique your performance

Final Evaluation
The ACVA Academic Excellence Board evaluates and scores your performance. If minimum requirement are met (see list), the JOI designation is awarded. The JOI Course participant will be notified by the ACVA Academic Excellence Board on pass or fail within one week of the last day of the last class.

The cost is prepaid plus the cost of any tapes, CDs, textbooks, and other learning material. Applicants with previous online instruction experience can sit for the final exam for a fee. If the applicant does not pass, they will have to take the full course and retake the exam and pass it to achieve the JOI designation. 

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