VAC Course Design

Program Structure

  • The VAC Certification Program requires a minimum of 3 months (3 week segments separated by 2 week breaks).
  • Each Certification Course (VAC01, VAC02, and VAC03) consists of learning and implementing the VAC training through written requirements and client interaction.
  • Each of the 3 week courses includes a recorded session to be reviewed through Peer Review with the Week 3 cumulative assignment reviewed by the Online instructor.
  • Each Course includes at least two VAC Coaching strategies/techniques/skill sets with a live client.
  • In VAC Course VAC02 the student designs a 5 week program for a client with commensurate permissions granted, evaluations (Dharma/Chakra Wheel) included and records sessions and client feedback provided. This 5 week program commences in Week 2 of Course VAC02 and climate in Week 3 of Course VAC03. This program would be in addition to working with one other in each week of the class to identify, quantify and implement VAC strategies with the approval of the Online instructor.
  • Upon completion of this 3 month training program, the successful learner would be granted a VAC Certificate to be used as an indicator of professional status in VAC.

Course Objective Statement

The structure of the VAC™ Program is one of extended “practical” application of the VAC™ methods and skill sets. These methods and strategies incorporate many techniques and skills from Life Coaching models and the “Co-Active Coaching” text used by ACVA VAC Course Design.

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