What is Vedic Astrology Coaching™?

What is the VAC Program?

The American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA)’s Vedic Astrology Coach™ (VAC) program is the practice of guiding individuals, in time, to their life goals and full potential using the combined tools and knowledge of Vedic astrology and Life Coaching. The VAC program carries the best practices of counseling, mentoring, time-phased goal setting, problem solving, and motivation, into the traditional Vedic astrology astrologer-client relationship.

The VAC program is meant to help individuals understand their personal barriers and enablers for high performance in an organized, positive manner. This is done in partnership with the Vedic astrologer as the coach, using the tools of Vedic astrology to help the client to achieve the best outcomes possible in the optimum time available.

The purpose of ACVA’s breakthrough Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) model is to provide practitioners of Vedic astrology with the counseling techniques, strategies, and approaches that are based on established instructional design as well as counseling and life counseling practices. The emphasis on the development of the astrologer’s counseling skills and experience surpass technique use alone. The ACVA VAC model contains three major components for astrological counseling efficacy  (i.e., astrological knowledge, how to deliver that knowledge, and the formation of a co-operative partnership with the client based on that knowledge). As such the VAC model provides major training opportunities for astrological counselors and coaches.

ACVA, and its core of professional educators, is filling a gap in Vedic astrology counselor preparation programs. Astrological counselors can use the training they gain from the VAC model to promote client trust, rapport, and cultural empathy and improve the astrology counselor-client relationship. All teachers and schools of Vedic astrology can participate in ACVA’s VAC program and take advantage of a unique training curriculum that addresses issues pertinent to the learning and development of Vedic astrology learners.

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