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Benefits of an ACVA education

Studying with ACVA gives you the essential knowledge, traditional techniques, and sound theories you need to become a competent and confident Jyotisha. Qualifying for an ACVA diploma is a step toward establishing yourself as a credentialed Vedic astrologer, with the necessary skills in place to provide quality professional service.

ACVA’s curriculum is shastra-based, concentrating on the system of Parashara, the Father of Vedic astrology. ACVA supports students who love learning about astrology for their own Self-knowledge, and those who wish to make astrology a career. Once ACVA students acquire a strong foundation and understanding of traditional Jyotish, they can venture on their own into the vast world of Vedic astrology and other related Vedic sciences.

Many of ACVA’s learners report the following benefits

  • Improved consistency, expertise, and depth of knowledge to support astrological services.
  • Increase in client’s perception of value for a Vedic astrology session.
  • Increased value as a Vedic astrology writer and speaker.
ACVA education

What We Teach

Acquire a strong foundation of Vedic Astrology and earn the title of Jyotisha Ratna™ – “Gem” of Vedic Astrology.

Learn advanced techniques in Chart interpretation and earn the title of Jyotisha Prabhakara™ – “Enlightened Guide” of Vedic Astrology.